Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meryl Streep Stumps for a Revived ERA

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Meryl Streep

Below is a story covering Meryl Streep's lobbying Congress to revive the ERA.

Aside from the cynical consideration that, since she never did this when the Democrats controlled BOTH Houses of Congress, perhaps it's not a cause she believes in too strongly, since she is only lobbying now that the opponents control both Houses.

Moreover, the ERA, absent "Comparable worth" (making jobs considered comparable in skill levels, ie. office manager & long haul trucker, or miner equivalent in pay), which was removed in a 1991 rewrite and eliminating the "seniority" disparity - the idea that those who leave the workforce for extended periods should NOT lose ground in pay to those who stay in the workplace (this was NEVER a part of the ERA) will do nothing to address the real reasons for the disparity in pay between male and female workers.

The ONLY practical way to eliminate the "seniority" disparity would be to bar women from leaving the workforce for "family" or any "other" considerations...difficult to do under Western Law, BUT, ironically enough, very doable under Shariah Law, which mandates a "Mutual Responsibility to Society," which, aside from demanding "wound for wound" penalties for violent crimes, would also eliminate such options for workers not legitimately disabled and unable to continue in that work. Still, under Sharia, the "disabled" would be forced to find work that they CAN do despite their disabilities.

WHY can't supporters of the ERA be honest? The ERA Movement is primarily a white women's movement, not as much geared to male/female disparities, but black/white disparities. African-American women out-earn white women by a significant margin (because they take much fewer workplace absences) and earn very close to what white males earn. THAT is the real issue the ERA seeks to redress.

The truth is that white women can easily address that issue themselves by STAYING in the workplace longer and more consistently.

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