Friday, July 24, 2015

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION is NOT an "Immigration" Issue, IT'S an "Economic" Issue - The In-SOURCING of Cheap Labor Hurts ALL American Workers

Signs that GET IT...

Here's where Donald Trump is WRONG - illegal immigration is NOT primarily a criminal issue, it's an economic issue. It’s IN-SOURCING, or bringing in cheap foreign labor to undercut American wage rates.

Here's where those who support amnesty or open borders are EVEN MORE WRONG - illegal immigration is NOT an "immigration issue," it's an economic issue. It's IN-SOURCING cheap foreign labor to undercut American wage rates.

Those who champion the rights of "undocumented workers" are much, MUCH dumber than they think Donald Trump is!

The vast majority of "undocumented workers' are only here for the migrant work. The vast majority DO NOT want to stay in the U.S. and become American citizens. They love their home countries, and rightly so. Their families live there...and they go back. They DO NOT, for the most part, want a "path to citizenship."

It is NOT "compassionate" to "welcome undocumented workers." It's actually a vehemently anti-Union, anti-American worker position.

Moreover, the vast majority of Hispanic citizens in the U.S. oppose illegal immigration and support an "Enforcement First" policy! (

How bad an economic problem is IN-SOURCING? Today, undocumented immigrants make up 5.1% of the U.S. labor force! Much of this is in low paying agricultural work, but increasingly H1B Visas are being used, especially in the tech industry, to gut high wage American workers! Disney recently tried to replace its entire IT Department with cheaper foreign workers using H1B Visas ( and other tech companies have done the same (!

This SHOULD BE an outrage to anyone who cares about American workers and maintaining America's vaunted middle class.

In ALL cases it's NOT about "filling jobs that Americans CAN'T, or WON'T do," it's entirely about unscrupulous and unethical companies (ILLICIT Employers) in-sourcing cheaper labor to do "jobs Americans WON'T do for low wages!"

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