Monday, July 20, 2015

I Mention This (ALL to Frequent) Tragedy Because it Highlights the Very Nature of Violent Crime...

David Poole - Race Crime Victim

Actually it ( highlights violent crime in a number of ways....YES, violent interracial crime is OVERWHELMINGLY black-on-other, BUT even more important to note is the DYSGENIC effects of such crimes.

The perpetrator(s) are virtually ALWAYS LESSER (dumber, less skilled and more life-wise incompetent) than their victims...and THAT harms ALL of us, because it harms the very foundation of our civilization...elevating/encouraging the productive and punishing/discouraging the non-productive.

A friend saw this before me and commented, "And this guy's STILL smarter than the guys who attacked him."

Mmmmmm....this ISN'T a joking matter, nor should it be made light of in any way. The FACT is that this guy (and I don't know, nor need to know what he did for a living) possessed skills that CANNOT be duplicated by any, or even all of his attackers collectively. Those skills...that productivity is GONE now and gone for good...and we are ALL diminished by it.

Dysgenics is no laughing matter. It's a pathetic aspect of our current reality. We DON'T punish violent felons enough, nor protect victims and their families enough.

Eventually that HAS TO change...on BOTH scores.

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