Monday, July 20, 2015

Corporate America RUNS the Agenda, Their Lackeys in Government Dutifully FOLLOW

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THAT'S a basic fact of modern life.

For better, or for worse, we live in a corporatist state. The entire Western world (Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, etc.) is corporatist - run by a partnership of government and business and, in case you're wondering, BIG business is very definitely the SENIOR partner.

And to be honest, that's probably how it should be. After all the "best and brightest" don't go into government. The best lawyers don't work for government salaries, they're busy billing clients at $1,000/hour. SAME for every other position. The best researchers and managers ALWAYS go to the private sector.

That's why it's kind of funny to hear government officials occasionally opine that, "If I were in the private sector..." Yeah, IF you were in the private sector, you'd be several rungs lower on the totem pole. You work for what you do because that's what you're worth.

ANYWAY, I came across this the other day and it appears to be a rare bit of ham-handed overreach in the private sector. That tends to be much rarer in business than in government, BUT make no mistake BUSINESS LEADS and GOVERNMENT FOLLOWS.

Apparently, a document was provided to Breitbart News originating from JP Morgan Chase that shows that company (like many others) putting pressure on its employees to sign up for the cause of gay rights, and according to Breitbart News, "They have not-so-subtly let each employee know not signing up will be noted."

Employees are being told “to help create an environment for open and honest dialogue.” The document notes descriptors such as “wife” and “boyfriend” are frowned upon, and “partner” is preferred. Not referring to your wife as your wife “offers up the opportunity for more inclusive conversations.”

As to that last line, " doesn't, at least not necessarily."

FIRST off, the terms "husband," or "wife," girlfriend" or "boyfriend" are no more "offensive" to gays then "partner" is to straights.

Looking to make straights capitulate and surrender their terms is not only "offensive," it amounts to a "tyranny of the minority." The correct approach would be to assure that ALL such terms, "partner," "husband/wife," girlfriend/boyfriend" etc. be mutually acceptable. THAT is the "fair and equitable" way of dealing with that.

WHY do I always have to explain such things? (I guess because so many people today don't read) Apparently I have a much clearer "Big Picture" view than the people running JP Morgan Chase....and for the record, I AM available, at the right price, of course.

I know, I KNOW...maybe I should set my sights a little lower, perhaps I should be running an HR Department or an EEO Office somewhere, but alas, that's not where my interests lie at the moment, although I COULD BE persuaded...if the compensation package was right.

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