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Dylann Roof


That's the question I always have when the likes of Dylann Roof, Jared Loughner and James Holmes are taken in alive.


It always seems these lowlife mutts surrender meekly to police after their rampages.

Now, I can understand that the police may not be 100% certain they have the right guy, BUT since these guys are so intent on killing, they should have the guts to fire upon those who can and will fire back.

But they never seem to do that.

Maddeningly, there always inevitably follows thousands of pages of psychoanalysis as to why some scumbag...acted like a scumbag. A complete and utter waste of time.

Worse yet, are those who'd blame an inanimate object, like a gun, for the actions of a psychopath.

Someone who shoots in self defense deserves a medal! The store owner or homeowner who kills an intruder is a hero, just as much as the lowlife who shoots & kills in the commission of a crime, is a scumbag. How hard is that to understand?

Guns are NOT the problem, dysfunctional people are. My understanding ias that Dylann Roof was already a felon (drug possession and other crimes) BEFORE this attack. Not only should he have been barred from purchasing a firearm, anyone who gifted him one, or otherwise helped him get one, committed a serious crime in doing that.

Who cares what demons infected Dylann Roof? Who cares WHY he killed all those people?

The focus SHOULD be on punishing Roof, NOT "figuring him out."

And jail isn't an appropriate punishment. In a more sensible society, Dylann Roof would face death by however many bullets he fired into those people that night.

But he has no fear of that happening here. No, here he'll get "treatment" & protective custody...and probably cake and ice cream and free cable TV.

It's a real shame, in every way, that he was taken in alive.

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