Friday, June 19, 2015

Media Inspired Mass Murder?

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Dylann Roof

Last night (Wednesday, June 17th, 2015), around 9:05 PM, a lone gunman (Dylann Storm Roof) walked into the Emanuel AME Church in North Charleston, SC and shot 10 people directly after a Bible study session, reportedly leaving one woman as a "witness." So far, 9 of the people shot have died from their wounds (

While ultimately, the primary responsibility for any crime belongs the perpetrator alone, it's hard not to see the inspiration for this kind of violence in media outlets like the utterly race-obsessed CNN and MSNBC.

Yesterday, CNN's Alisyn Camerota discussed Rachel Dolezal's "trans-racialism" with the professional racial raconteur, Charles Blow, along with one of the most odious racial bigots of our time, Tim Wise (!

Sadly, this is standard fare for networks that truck in a false racial violence narrative.

America's national media vigorously defended Trayvon Martin, who'd clearly attacked the wrong guy (a troubled, Hispanic "wannabe cop" and local "Neighborhood Watch Captain"), as though, somehow, in some parralel universe, an individual has the "right" to physically assault someone they perceive to be following them.

Then they even more vigorously defended Michael Brown, about whom it was later proven that he attacked a police officer, was shot in the hand (inside that officer's squad car, while struggling over that cop's gun), then shot again as he charged that Officer (Darren Wilson).

That same national media then gives a forum to overt racial (anti-white) bigots like Tim Wise.

There is a constant drumbeat for a dangerously false narrative, to wit, that the bulk of the inter-racial violence extant today is white-on-black, when in FACT, it is exactly the reverse!

Recently, the Washington Post intoned, "America’s swimming pools have a long, sad, racist history. They’ve long been contested spaces where we express prejudices that otherwise remain unspoken.” (, the history of swimming pool violence is very, VERY different!

WHY does it take a reported like Colin Flaherty to chronicle the accurate history of inter-racial violence, when the pundits at ALL these major media outlets already KNOW that history?! (

The painful truth is that white-on-black violence is exceedingly rare, while the reverse, just as is black-on-Asian and black-on-Hispanic, is not very rare at all. Since 1976, African-Americans (12% of the U.S. population) have been responsible for over 50% of all homicides in the nation. Today, homicide is the leading cause of death for black males between the ages of 16 and 36. That is NOT the case for any other group.

While the ultimate responsibility for these 9 murders (6 women and 3 men) rests with the killer, Dylann Roof, it's more than disingenuous for national media outlets to express anything like consternation over such events that their own warped racial narrative has helped inspire.

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