Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yet Another Example of Athletic Classiness

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Frank (The Tank) Kaminsky   AND   Mo'ne Davis

A couple of weeks ago we lauded Mo'ne Davis exhibiting real class when she responded with classy forgiveness to a nasty tweet by a College baseball player (https://www.facebook.com/JMK444?ref=tn_tnmn).

In the wake of Wisconsin's stunning victory over Kentucky gaurd Andrew Harrison muttered under his breath in the post-game press conference, "F*ck that n*gger," in reference to Frank Kaminsky, whose 20 pts and 11 rebounds helped upset the previously unbeaten Kentucky Wildcats.

In the wake of that error, Andrew Harrison stepped up to take responsibility and apoligized to kaminsky and anyone who took offense to his "poor choice of words."
But Kaminsky showed the same kind of true class and forgiveness in immediately and graciously accepting Harrison's apology. http://www.courier-journal.com/…/harrison-apologi…/25324869/

People make mistakes....especially highly competitive athletes in the wake of high stakes wins and losses.

BUT we've ALL got to move past the pernicious double standards that still persist.

The public seems far more willing to accept Harrison's apology, far less so Joey Casselberry's. BOTH apologies should be accepted and BOTH verbal gaffes should be seen as mistakes made by over-heated young athletes, who's aggression that serves them so well on the fields and courts, sometimes hurts them in public forums.

NOW would be a good time to truly heed the lessons of Mo'ne Davis and Frank Kaminsky.

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