Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What a WASTE!

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Anthony Stokes

I don't know how many people saw this one, but it's a very sad story (sad as in pathetic)...about the utter waste of a transplant that could've been used for far better purposes.

Back in 2013, young Anthony Stokes was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, a terminal condition if he did not receive a heart transplant.

His became a public story because Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston informed his family he wouldn't be a candidate for transplant because of past criminal behavior:

According to the Hospital, “the decision was made that Anthony is currently not a transplant candidate due to having a history of non-compliance, which is one of our center’s contraindications to listing for heart transplant.”

“Non-compliance” is a euphemism for serious criminal misconduct.

The refusal of the hospital to place Stokes on the transplant list drew the ire of his family, who, quickly enlisted the aid of America's grievance industry and their friends in the media.

Anthony Stokes' mother (Melencia Hamilton) lamented, “They just don’t want to give him a chance,”
It worked.

Rather than face the ire of the professional grievance mongers, the hospital acquiesced and put young Mr. Stokes on the list.

Less than a week later he was given a heart transplant.

BUT that's where this story get's interesting...and kind of sad;

The Atlanta journal Constitution reported; "Stokes died after fleeing police following a carjacking and a burglary. An elderly Roswell woman told Channel 2 that Stokes shot at her after he kicked in her door and found her inside watching television.

"Stokes clipped a car in the intersection and then jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian before colliding with a SunTrust Bank sign, Holland said.

“He lost control and there was a long set of skid marks,” she said.

"Stokes died after rescue workers cut him out of [the] Honda, Holland said. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital, but is expected to survive her injuries, police said."

What's sad is that the heart this miscreatn received could've been used to save another far more valuable member of society. That's called a "DYSGENIC EFFECT." Society is diminsihed because a dysfunctional person was saved at the expense of someone more productive.

The upshot is that at least Anthony Stoke's pathetic life of dysfunction and destruction is over, but it probably (by all rights) should've been over a couple of years back.

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