Friday, January 23, 2015

More Stupid Leftist Tricks (“Tricks with Twisted Logic”)

Max Blumenthal

For some reason the film American Sniper has ruffled the feathers of the Left and when Leftist feathers are ruffled logic gets twisted in knots and tossed out the window.

First the daffy anti-American film-maker Michael Moore (as his famous veteran’s tweet; Today, as every day, 22 American veterans will commit suicide. Happy Veterans Day,” attests) called Chris Kyle (the Navy SEAL the film American Sniper is based on) a “coward.”

Max Blumenthal upped the ante comparing Kyle to the “Beltway sniper’s junior partner,” John Lee Malvo; John Lee Malvo, another mass murdering sniper, would not be glorified on prime time.

Of course, the difference between a soldier protecting his fellow troops and a mass murdering criminal is the distinction between self-defense (defending your home and family from home invaders...a cherished and highly revered act) and a desperate stick-up man shooting a store clerk during a robbery.

The fact that the likes of Moore and Blumenthal don’t get that shows that; (1) very clearly there is a distinct ideological bigotry at work in America’s news and entertainment media and (2) English and history majors with little to no background in mathematics, tend to have some serious problems with logic, which in essence is a mathematical construct. Otherwise subpar intellects like these wouldn’t have, let alone maintain the high-profile media positions they occupy. Some people in some very high places have gone out of their way to make sure Michael Moore’s films get produced, which means that someone else with a very different ideological perspective isn't getting that same access.

Recently, WCBS radio aired an editorial comment comparing Muslim Jihadists to the Italian Mafia, decrying that “No one talked about the fact that most of these men were devout Catholics.”

Of course, the Italians in organized crime never killed in the name of religion, nor did they seek to impose a foreign and incompatible moral code (like Sharia Law) upon America.

You may well ask, “What is wrong with these people?” Self-defense and authorized police and military actions are vastly different (and yes, even worthy of praise) than criminal violence. AND yes, violent crime IS starkly different than terrorism.

Worse yet, dolts like Moore and Blumenthal know this. They both have no problem designating neo-nazis, KKK’ers, even harmless Tea Partiers terrorists and even justifying preemptive violence against such groups.

Interestingly enough, as misguided and odious as neo-nazis and KKK’ers may be, the bulk of today’s racial violence is caused by urban blacks, the African-American equivalent of hillbilly culture.

In fact, there are quite a few similarities between Jihadists and urban blacks in the U.S.; both groups have apparently hijacked a larger group - Jihadists have allegedly hijacked Islam, while urban blacks have apparently hijacked larger black culture. The latter is so much so, that blacks like Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, who DOESN’T speak in the urban vernacular, nor dress in the “hip-hop style,” nor endorse “thug life,” has been called out by other blacks for, “Not being black enough.” The equivalent of whites calling out Bill Gates for “Not being hillbilly enough.” Except that that never happens, because as giddily as whiter Leftists celebrate black dysfunction, they are threatened by such dysfunction among their own.

One of the horrific results of this tunnel vision is that black-on-white violence (a HUGE problem nationwide) has been ignored and even lied about, UNTIL Colin Flaherty’s relatively recent reporting brought this phenomenon to light. Flaherty has since gone on to write a number of books, including White Girl Bleed A Lot ( and The Knockout Game a Lie? Aw Hell Know ( that chronicle the wide disparity in inter-racial violence, virtually all of it attributed to blatant racial bigotry.

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