Monday, December 15, 2014

THIS is Eric Linsker

Eric Linsker (right)

A 29 y/o English professor from Baruch College was arrested late Sunday night (12/14/2014)...for trying to hurl a metal garbage can at cops from the Brooklyn Bridge during an anti-police demonstration in New York. He was also charged with “inciting a riot,” a melee in which two NYPD Lieutenants were injured.

Allegedly Eric Linsker is “a decorated graduate student of the prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa.”

Yeah, for writing shitty poetry like this;

Both Sides

An extended terrain of all.
Ah! It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine,
It is midnight. It’s raining, it’ll be fine.
The day of glory has arrived, next a truism

Of a truism, modern and flat
Against a wall, wearing a watch
With a black band, in a room, in autumn,
In pines advancing.

THAT’S poetry? It’s NOT “cryptic,” its senseless words cobbled together.

Sheeeet! I write better stuff than that.

Seriously. Yes, I write poetry and have had some of it published;

Impending Gloom

The word comes down...


And everyone who wants to be is in

All you have to do is agree...

...With the word, with the WORD, with the words of the unseen power...

...Dumb men behind a gilded paper thrown

Feudalism as “Socialism” in the name of Corporatism...

Bigotry as “anti-racism” in the name of social justice...

And it’s all the same...

The word, the WORD...words of useless, clueless, greedy men...

Nothing at all cryptic there. Straight up and straight edged, topical and poignant.

Now seriously that’s some HEAVY shit...if I do say so myself...and I DO!

According to the NY Daily News; “Linkser’s roommate Chris Balmer told the Daily News that Linsker was upset by the grand juries non-indictments of two white police officers in the deaths of two black men, Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

“He’s frequented these protests,” Balmer told the Daily News. “He was extremely upset.”

“Still, he was stunned by the charges against his roommate.
“I was surprised — he’s not a violent person. He’s a good guy,” Balmer said.”  (

This is the state of affairs in American higher education. You have nitwits like this pseudo-poet who are apparently incapable of critical thinking about the events around them themselves!

That’s a sure sign of a dimwit and a non-free thinker right there.

The “hands up don’t shoot” claim fell apart within days of the charge! Dorian Johnson’s testimony was impeached by forensic evidence. It’s pretty clear according to the prevailing evidence and from unbiased eye witnesses, like “Witness #10” ( that Mike Brown attacked Officer Wilson as the cop attempted to exit his vehicle, then, after assaulting the Officer, struggled for the cop’s gun (attempted murder) and was shot when he charged the car again.

In the Eric Garner case, while Mr. Garner may have been a somewhat more sympathetic character, he was also very obviously (according to the video evidence) actively resisting arrest. A black, female NYPD Sergeant supervised the incident. She had a taser (NYPD Sergeants carry tasers), they also had pepper spray available. BOTH those tactics were considered too risky for a morbidly obese, asthmatic, so the quick take-down (which put police at greater risk) was utilized.

When “College Professors” are unable to properly process critical information from the world around them, then that entire system has been debased and rendered all but useless.

There’s absolutely nothing but harm that contact with a pampered, privileged, poor-thinker like Mr. Lasker can deliver prospective students.

A small part of our problem is the likes of Eric Lasker “teaching school.” A much bigger part of our problem is the poor, even disastrous judgment of those who think dolts like this can be effective instructors for the young.

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