Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Positive Takeaways From Ferguson

Armed black men defend a gas station in Ferguson, MO.

Hopefully Ferguson will mark the END of the ridiculous racial meme sold by America’s media of a monolithic “black culture.”

Events in that city since the Michael Brown shooting have proven that.

In my view the two primary victims of Ferguson are Mike Patel, the store owner that Mike Brown committed a “strong-arm” robbery arm and “protesters” vandalized and looted, TWICE and, of course, Darren Wilson, whose primary crime was “surviving a vicious assault.” Michael Brown, ironically enough, was NOT a “victim,” but a victimizer in all this.

Unlike the still living Dorian Johnson, Michael Brown decided to physically challenge Officer Darren Wilson, slamming his car door on him and punching Wilson in the face, before struggling for the cop’s gun. Brown made a number of deadly “poor decisions.”

Dorian Johnson, subsequently created the false meme the media (ESPECIALLY CNN) ran with, that Mike Brown was shot in the back after he tried to surrender with his hands up. In the street, such revised tales are ubiquitous. Virtually EVERY urban police action has them. Most such anti-cop memes are made up entirely out of whole cloth.

So, WHY did apparently savvy CNN reporters go for that meme?

Probably because it’s exactly what they WANTED to hear!

CNN’s reporters know the wide disparity that exists in violent crime in America, just as surely as every cop across the country does. CNN’s reporters know, just as surely as ALL reporters know that criminals constantly LIE about police actions and almost always try to claim some form of police abuse.

Recently two such LIES made national news (NOT so much on CNN and MSNBC, but in other news outlets). One was the Django Unchained actress (Daniele Watts who claimed she was “racially profiled” and arrested for “making out” with her white boyfriend, when she and Brian Lucas were captured having sex in a vehicle with its passenger door open by cell phone camera.

Then there was Oakland, CA firefighter Keith Jones. While it’s rare for that false claim to be busted wide open, that’s exactly what happened to Mr. Jones’ story, when he was caught in a series of “racism” LIES against a White police officer. In effect, Mr. Jones had two problems that day; First...he lied about the incident, and Second, the cop had it all on audio-video tape.

Had there been a dash cam video of Ferguison, it’s a virtual certainty that the story would’ve died much sooner. Here’s the way the Ferguson incident actually breaks down; An incredibly entitled young African-American male, benefitting greatly from all sorts of local and federal subsidies, from WIC to food stamps to subsidized housing, to all manner of racial preferences, attacked a working class police officer, many of whom are military Veterans, for simply doing his job, which in that case, was moving Brown’s ample ass out of the middle of a well-traveled street. The media, doesn’t side with the beleaguered workingman, the lower working class policeman, but the entitled thug. Any rumor that supports the thug’s meme is reported as gospel and anything that counters that is viewed with skepticism, IF reported at all.

For instance, very little has been reported about the murder of 20 y/o Deandre Joshua, who was killed just yards from the scene where Mike Brown was killed, after allegedly giving Grand Jury testimony that it was claimed backed Officer Wilson’s account, a murder many have called “retaliatory.” Mr. Joshua was killed (shot in the head and his body partially burned within his car) on the first night of rioting.

At any rate, contrary to media reports, the black community in Ferguson has been far from monolithic and the media (like the wealthy and entitled whites most of them are) didn’t report on any of the stories of black nobility and decency.

Sadly, it kinda figures. Well-off, entitled people in the media and politics tend to sympathize with “their own,” and today, no group is more entitled than African-Americans.

Still, despite all that, there were many, MANY examples of heroic actions by black Americans (from testifying before the grand Jury, to defending businesses from rioters) and they should NOT be overlooked.

Terrence Williams, 23 y/o and a prospective St Louis policeman and former ROTC leader in High School has been busying himself cleaning up the streets after the rioting;

Charles Barkley has come out praising the police and calling rioters “scumbags”; ( Since then Mr. Barkley has doubled down on that stance, refusing to back down when CNN’s Brooke Baldwin challenged him.

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