Monday, December 15, 2014

In Defense of The POLICE

The venting of anger at the NYPD — and at city officials — leads Timothy Cardinal Dolan, 'grandson of a policeman,' to call for calm and solidarity during the holidays.

The police aren't "oppressors"!

They exist because a significant number of us can't seem to "play well with others."

Moreover, ALL real freedom is built on a foundation of economic freedom - the free market. We abandoned that for our current Corporatism back in 1913. For all those people who correctly assert that, "Socialism CAN'T work because the Command Economy has never worked," YES, that's right, BUT Corporatism (the partnership between big business and big government) CAN and does work. It may not be as innovative, as dynamic, as unequal and prosperous as the free market system, but it CAN work. A BIG part of the Corporatist system we all live within are all the "entitlement programs," from WIC and other forms of public assistance, to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, etc. People DO NOT want to give that up! I don't blame them, BUT a people relying on government entitlements are NOT a "free people."

Dependent people are NOT free.

Freedom is NOT "doing whatever we like, so long as we don't harm others." That's License...and NO ONE I’ve ever known has fought for license. Freedom is the grinding burden of personal responsibility. Most people revile actual freedom because they must depend on themselves and others they align themselves with, NOT on government. It's easier, FAR easier to get free stuff we didn't earn from government.

Here's the rub, a people who are dependent (and 99% of us are dependent on one or more...mostly MORE government programs) have to be closely monitored and policed. Policing is the flip side of the coin of handouts. You TAKE government's gifts and you ACCEPT (like it, or not) the extra surveillance, the petty rules, etc. that come along with them.

THAT'S simply reality...the reality we all live in every day.

We are far from a free people because we've CHOSEN to be a dependent people.

Here's the thing, I've been very FORTUNATE to have been a firefighter for the past three decades. I've met some of the best people one could ever know. Interestingly enough, in NYC at least, about 20% of the FFs are former cops. Police work sucks! Even though they actually help a LOT more people and help most of those people a LOT more than we do, because violent crime is far more prevalent than fires are. It's the poor and elderly, the most defenseless people in those urban areas that NEED and DEMAND protection from lowlife mutt, thugs like Mike Brown and the guy in the recent Sacramento police video, Mr. Reyes. These mopes are predators. I don't have much sympathy for them at all. My sympathies are with the little kid, or the old lady that will fall victim to a skell like that.

I've read over the testimony and evidence in the Mike Brown case. I KNOW that Dorian Johnson's "hands up" testimony was impeached by his claiming that Brown was "shot in the back." One lie impeaches all the rest of that testimony...moreover, Johnson recanted much of his initial testimony before the Grand Jury. Mike Brown was a predatory thug.

Even Eric Garner, a much more sympathetic character, was actively resisting arrest. A black, female NYPD Sergeant supervised the incident. She had a taser (NYPD Sergeants carry tasers), they also had pepper spray available. BOTH those tactics were considered too risky for a morbidly obese, asthmatic by that Sergeant, so the quick take-down (which put the police at greater risk of injury) was utilized. Mr. Garner was NOT "choked out at the scene." He lived for over an hour before succumbing to a heart attack in the hospital.

ALL of these cases amount to the SAME kind of false meme as did the recent UVA rape hoax. The agenda behind the false rape story at UVA IS the agenda many radical feminists have of making a woman's rape accusation all the evidence one needs to convict a man of rape. That's a horrifying prospect considering that at least 20% of all rape allegations are false.

It's the same thing here. The agenda of those who are anti-police is to unleash the predators (the Mike Browns and others) on all those little kids and old ladies. My preference would be to defend those little kids and the old folks those marauders will target first.

Bottom line IF ANY of these protesters really WANT to change things, then start with yourselves. Put your money where your mouths are. Take the next police exam and become cops and change policing from WITHIN. YOU BE the CHANGE you WANT to see.

I can assure all of you, the view is very different from the other side.

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