Friday, December 5, 2014

A Message to ALL White “Anarchists”

OSW-Led "Die In" at Grand Central

A cursory look at much of the rioting nationwide over “justice for Ferguson,” shows a LOT of white faces, most of whom claim to be “anarchists.”

Well, real “anarchists,” are, in essence, anti-government radicals. True anarchists oppose welfare, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve, etc. After all, the police state and the welfare state are flip sides of the SAME coin. You CANNOT have the one, without the other.

For a white “anarchist” ( to claim some kind of fantasy “solidarity” with those skells who lionize Michael Brown, a thug who according to Grand Jury testimony, assaulted a cop, then struggled for the policeman’s gun before getting shot, as some kind of heroic figure is madness.

First some basic, NON-politically correct racial realities; (1) YOU are “the enemy” to those skells...simply because you are white (, (2) race neutrality is NOT a tenet of anarchism, Marxism, or ANY other traditional Leftist viewpoint. Even Karl Marx himself was a proud and avowed racial bigot;, and (3) YOUR views, YOUR ideology, your economic views are much more naturally aligned with that of the Neo-Nazis and the KKK. That’s NOT sarcasm, nor even criticism, just a point of fact.

Consider that Adolph Hitler (allegedly “the most evil man in human history”) actually came the closest to making the unworkable Command Economy, the hallmark of Marxism, actually work. Hitler also famously said these words on May 1st, 1927, "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." (Adolf Hitler) Those are sentiments you’d more likely hear at an Occupy Wall Street rally than anywhere else...EXCEPT perhaps at an Aryan Nation gathering.

Compared to either Mao or Stalin (twin megalomaniacs), Hitler was the leader closes to Marx’s ideals! The reason Hitler reviled “the Communists,” is because he saw them as the petty Stalinesque megalomaniacs that they were, more concerned with personal gain than with implementing real economic and social change.

Hitler’s righteous hatred for the Rothschilds morphed into a fatally savage hatred of all “the Jews.”

Hitler, like any thinking German had a LOT to revile in the Rothschilds.

Just as they did in building up Napoleon to near mythical and unbeatable proportions, before withdrawing their support, choking off his money supply and engineering his destruction at Waterloo (which they profited handsomely from), they did the very SAME thing with Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm in WW I, first heavily banking on the Kaiser’s “Huns,” and then when all seemed lost, reversing their position (purely for personal gain) and choking off Germany’s money supply, toward the end of the first “Great War.”

The average German Jew at the time of Hitler’s rise to power was “more German than anything else.” A good example of this was German-Jewish Nobel Laureate Fritz Haber (the father of chemical warfare AND half of the team that solved the global food crisis at the start of the last century with the Haber-Bosch Method), a devoted German, who happened to be of Jewish descent.

Sadly, Hitler’s Rothschild-obsession drove him to drive virtually every Jew out of Germany! The primary “sin” of the average German Jew, was, in Hitler’s eyes, that they were “incorrigibly Capitalistic.”

In many ways, the neo-Nazis and other “far-Right” extremists are correct, you (like every American) has been fed a line of garbage about “the brotherhood of man,” and “there’s only one race, the human race,” but most blacks, Hispanics and Asians don’t believe that!

What!? They didn’t get the memo?

Nope, the truth is, they’ve been given a completely different memo...a dual message, so to speak.

Blacks are proudly and fiercely “PRO-black,” just as Hispanics are unabashedly and fiercely PRO-Hispanic. It’s ONLY you white kids who’ve been denied any pride in your own identity! In that regard, you folks belong with the neo-Nazis!

Now I can’t go there with you. I truly abhor government action...especially its welfare state side. I also KNOW (it’s NOT a “belief”), I KNOW and have proven mathematically that, “The Command Economy CANNOT work.” I remain incorrigibly Capitalistic, firmly committed to free market principles.

I’m also a “race-mixer.” My wife, also my very best friend, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica.

STILL, even from the outside, I can very clearly see that no young white “anarchist” should be attempting to forge an alliance that black radicals and assorted other “urban skells” don’t want. Bottom line, they DON’T WANT your friendship. They DON’T RESPECT YOU at all. In truth, they despise and hate YOU, simply because you are white. The Zemir Begic murder (“BLACKS SCREAMED “KILL THE WHITE PEOPLE” BEFORE BRUTAL MURDER OF ZEMIR BEGIC”) proved that beyond ANY shadow of a doubt.

So, while I can’t go over there with you (for the reasons already stated), ALL of you have much more in common, and a singular, virtually unified ideology with those National Socialists on “the far Right.”

You should, at the very least, embrace your natural allies.

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