Saturday, November 15, 2014

NY Penal Code 512.34.C; “When Da Bithch Steps Up, I’m Smackin’ Da Ho!”

...And RIGHTLY so!

Chivalry ain't exactly dead, but like organized religion, its influence is definitely ebbing.

This week, 25 y/o Jorge Pena, a 6’6” bouncer was cleared of all charges for slapping a woman who struck him with the heel of her stiletto shoe…and in my view, RIGHTLY SO!

THIS is what real “gender equality” looks like;

After sorting out the combatants, Pena was cleared of all charges, as they were judged “self defense, while his attacker, the inebriated Danay Howard was ultimately charged with assault; ( and

This isn’t the first time a male has been cleared by way of self-defense, against a female attacker. Perhaps one of the more famous and hilarious cases was “The McBeatdown” that occurred in a Greenwich Village McDonalds back in 2011; Look at the sick, twisted reaction of the howling blonde woman! She didn’t have a problem with the two skanks jumping the counter to attack the McDonald’s worker “like a man,” she just had a BIG  problem with them getting their asses beat. Somebody should’ve stuck a fist in her mouth and shut her up.

Personally, I think NYC’s penal code is absolutely correct in treating a female attacker “like a man.” House a Pain was right when they belted out one of my favorite songs  from back in the day; “I’ll serve it out like John McEnroe, If your girl steps up, I’m smacking the ho.” True poets with a real modern-day message.

Better learn to duck home girl, or you’re gonna get least in NYC ya will!

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