Friday, September 19, 2014

1 Week, 3 Racial Hoaxes

Oakland firefighter Keith Jones

Danielle Watts and Brian Lucas

Wow! This has been a banner week for false “racism” claims.

Perhaps the most highlighted one comes from L.A. where the sordid tale of “actress” Danielle Watts claims that cops “mistook her for a prostitute” because she (a black woman) was kissing her white husband in public.

Oh no! More racist white cops?!

Turns, more likely two greedily opportunistic Hollywood D-listers (Watts appeared in a small part in the film “Django Unchained,”) seemed intent on jumping on the anti-cop bandwagon perhaps to boost her name recognition. (

TMZ (who else) has released some audio of the event and reported that numerous witnesses reported Watts and Lucas having sex in their car with the door open and “cleaning themselves up afterwards with tissues.” Since then photos of her straddling her beaux in the front seat of their car with the door open have surfaced. (

YES, “public lewdness’ is STILL against the law...and YES, cops can legally and rightfully stop, detain and demand identification from those “suspected of criminal wrongdoing,” and yes again, “suspicion” DOES cover a LOT of territory.

Brian Lucas provided ID to the police, Ms. Watts refused, resorting to the “You only picked on me because I’m black” routine.

Ms Watts went into her own racially bigoted diatribe and spoke of her father’s many “humiliations” at the hands of police, in a very real way, pretty much calling bullshit on her father’s claims of abuse, while making very clear that she was indoctrinated with a slew of personal and racial resentments from an early age.

In Brooklyn, a fender bender between a hulking white firefighter and a black mail carrier resulted in hate crime charges over alleged racial comments made by the firefighter (Luke Schreiner). The defendant was acquitted of the hate crime charges, but convicted of misdemeanor assault and harassment over “traffic dispute rage.”

The third phony “racism” charge comes from Oakland, California, where a Black firefighter was caught in a series of inflammatory, racially charged lies against a White police officer. (

Firefighter Keith Jones and his sons were walking back to their vehicle after a Raiders game when he noticed that the garage door to the fire station he works at had been left open. Mr. Jones entered the building to make sure it was secure and was exiting the open door when a police officer, who was already responding to a call about a possible burglary at that location, pulled up and told Jones and his boys to put their hands up.

According to Jones, the officer had his hand on his gun and was in a shooting stance. Jones said he tried to let the officer see his ID, but the officer refused to let him. He said his boys were terrified that the belligerent officer would shoot their father.

The incident ended without arrest.

But then Jones went on the news to proclaim himself a victim of a racist cop who “views all black males as a threat.”

He also filed a formal complaint against the officer, who he said “never apologized” for stopping him.

Sadly for Mr. Jones, there were two problems in all this...the FIRST being that he’d lied about the incident, and the Second one being that the cop had it all on videotape. Police there wear small, but very powerful video cameras attached to their uniforms.

Turns out, the police officer was neither threatening nor belligerent and not only DID NOT refuse to let Jones show his ID, in fact he asked to see it almost right away....And what’s more, the officer DID apologize — THREE TIMES — despite going by the book throughout the stop and communicating with his precinct about everything he did.

Now, Mr. Jones is a lot less enthusiastic about going appearing on the News stations on which he’d earlier made his false claims.

Interestingly enough, in all three of the above cases video evidence, much of it gained surreptitiously was used to expose maliciously false claims and exonerate those wrongly accused.

We NEED more such surveillance (ALL police should wear small, unobtrusive body cams, people DO NOT need to know they’re being recorded) and harsher penalties for making false charges.

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