Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Vote for Former Black Panther Charles Barron is a Vote FOR. . . .David Duke?

Charles Barron has been a Brooklyn City Councilman in New York City for over a decade and has been a stalwart champion of “social justice,” “economic justice” and, of course, “racial justice.”

He’s been excoriated as many times as he’s been lauded by much of the local media in New York City. The NY Times has, on occasion touted him as a fearless liberal and he’s been supported by many much more mainstream “liberals” in New York City, referred to by some of them as, “the conscience of New York.”

Now, the former Black Panther is running for Congress, an open House seat in Brooklyn and he’s been endorsed by a brother-in-hate – David Duke. (SEE:

Only the most na├»ve among us, (those who refuse to acknowledge that Hitler, like Mao and Stalin, was an avowed Leftist), would find Duke’s endorsing Barron “unlikely,” or even “odd.”

In his endorsement Duke says; “I certainly agree with Barron that Israel is the worst rogue terrorist state on Earth. It’s not Iran, folks. Barron is certainly right about Zionist control over the media and our government, and the treason that’s existed in our Congress and he’s right about the fact that Zionist wars have caused the death or harming of hundreds of thousands of Americans and cost you trillions of your tax dollars. Barron’s opponent, on the other hand, is a complete Zionist sellout of both the black people and all the people of America.”

In fact, Duke makes clear that race is NOT nearly as big an issue as Zionism is to him; “Black leaders like Barron should work to lessen the enmity between blacks and whites and realize that the Jewish extremists in America keep whites and blacks from mutually solving our interests and differences. The Zio masters want constant conflict between the two groups so they can utilize a divide and conquer strategy over us all.”

Duke also directly criticized Barron’s opponent Jeffries, saying that along with President Barack Obama and presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, Hakeem Jeffries is in the tank for “the Zionist Club FED and the international banking establishment.”

Look, bottom-line, if you support the liberal positions on “social, economic and racial justice” then you basically support the positions of Charles Barron. . .and David Duke, as they are all one in the same.

SEE David Duke endorsement video:

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