Sunday, June 17, 2012

AGW and Reality; Why Public Policy Doesn’t Reflect the Political “Concerns”

The pragmatic view on AGW/”Climate Change” was presented quite adroitly by Bjorn Lomborg on today’s (Sunday, June 17th, 2012) GPS ( A YouTube excerpt is available:

While Professor Emeritus Reid Bryson (“the Father of Climatology”) among others believe that man’s impact on GW is negligible, it’s more likely that the GW we’re witnessing is some combination...possibly 70% natural/30% man-made, possibly 60/40, or maybe even 80/20.

The fact is governments (RIGHTLY and expectedly) answer to their benefactors – the global conglomerates that fund them.

ANYONE who thinks otherwise is a naive dope. . .there appear to be plenty of such folks around today.

IF either major Party in the USA cared at all about AGW, they’d have signed onto the Kyoto Accords, BUT BOTH major political Parties here nearly unanimously opposed them (back in 1997 the U.S. Senate DID indeed vote unanimously, 95-0, against passing Kyoto).

TODAY with perhaps the most “liberal” Democrat since Jimmy Carter in the WH, we’re in the midst of an explosion in the production of shale oil and oil sands. “The boom in gas production from “unconventional” reserves such as shale is creating hundreds of thousands of jobs across the US. . .The unconventional gas revolution, driven by advances in production techniques that have unlocked previously uncommercial resources, has led to a surge in output and a plunge in natural gas prices, creating jobs directly in the industry and indirectly in areas that have benefited from the flow of income and spending.” (SEE:

So “the Greenest POTUS in history” is presiding over an oil boom as we speak!

Seriously, unless you have absolutely no sense of humor at all, THAT is some very funny stuff!

A shale oil boom is set to create over 500,000 American jobs (See above Financial Times article). I guess “the Greenest PTUS ever” cares more about jobs than “saving the planet,” apparently so do most Americans - just look at the most recent polls. ALL of them place economic concerns (JOBS) over ancillary environmental concerns. Apparently President Obama has and that’s why he’s presided over the “The Quiet Death of the Kyoto Accords” (, as well as this current shale oil boom!

And they wonder why the BRICs have made clear that they WILL NOT allow the industrialized West to scale back their development. Seriously, with America in the midst of a full-scale “shale oil boom” (complete with President Obama’s blessing), it has no grounds at all, from which to lecture the BRICs.

As Lomborg presciently notes, “You can only worry about environmental concerns about tomorrow, once you’re no longer worried about your children being able to survive today.”

Today, the only people apparently taking AGW seriously seem to be the CEO’s of the Big Energy Corporations, as they’ve leveraged this “crisis” brilliantly in order to maximize profits and further expand their control over the governments of the industrialized world!

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