Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tulsa Shooting Spree Linked to “Revenge” Motive....

Jake England, 19 (L), Alvin Watts, 32 (R)

Earlier this morning ((April 8th, 2012) Tulsa police arrested two white men (Jake England and Alvin Watts) accused of killing three black residents and injuring two others in a shooting spree that authorities called "unprecedented."

The shootings occurred just one day after the murder of one of the shooter’s father by a black man (Pernell Demond Jefferson). At the time of the murder, Jefferson had a lengthy criminal history that included "feloniously pointing a firearm, domestic assault, assault with a dangerous weapon and several drug and weapons crimes."

Pernell Jefferson

On Jake England posted a message on the 2nd Anniversary of his father’s death; “Today is two years that my dad has been gone shot by a fu*king ni**er it's hard not to go off between that and sheran I'm gone in the head.

Such misguided “revenge” is a relatively rare motive for such violence, as most violent crimes are triggered by a lust for power and control by those who feel the most powerless.

This is also the most frightening kind of violence, given that once the killer decides that he must extract revenge, ANY member of the group associated with the act he feels must be avenged will suffice.

In such circumstances, everyone in the targeted group is a potential target. Such killers rarely, if ever consider the very palpable irony that their misplaced “act of revenge” will only create more people who will feel robbed of those they love, creating the very real potential for even more such misguided revenge.

On the heels of the home invasion of the Bob and Nancy Strait, resulting in the murder of Nancy Strait, Oklahoma has seen more than its share of violence lately.

Here's the REAL question though; WHY does the U.S. media ALWAYS focus national attention on the relatively rare white-on-black violence (like this) and even include some Hispanic-on-black violence (George Zimmerman is as Hispanic as Barack Obama is black) as "white-on-black" violence, while ignoring the comparative epidemic of black-on-white violence? They even assiduously avoid any focus on the most egregious examples, like the Strait home invasion/murder, the David James killing and the Christian-Newsom torture-murders in Knoxville?

It's NOT an accident, any more than the NBC "editor" mangling the Zimmerman 9-1-1 call was an "accident."


A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Yep, we in Conservative-Blogville *KNOW* it's no accident that our MF-MSM presents "all the news they
want us to know", slanted to the worldview they want us to adopt. However, I fear the MAJORITY of
Americans still get their news from the televised &/or newsprint branches of the Progressive-Propaganda Media Machine. (And they're being spoonfed EVERY SINGLE ITEM from the Weather Underground Manifesto*, as creatively applied to our daily news: Evil white men subjugating non-whites? Check. Despoiling the Earth for mere profit's sake? Check. Denying other races and cultures "their fair share" of success and recognition and respect? Check.)

They're going to come away from this newest tragedy believing that (as one of the race-agitators dramatically claimed recently) "it's open season on the Black Man". And the Americans who depend on our (pfui!) "mainstream" media will probably vote this November in such a way as to assuage their "race-guilt".

Just as the Dem/ Lib/ Progressive/ Commie party intends.

* Go read for yourself at

it's AMAZING the influence this thing has had on the worldview of our Ruling Elites and their propagandists!

Skunkfeathers said...

I have a long-experienced 'ear' for news spinning. The lamestream media lost my gullibility some time ago.

JMK said...

It's interesting that the first incident (the Trayvon Martin killing) now appears to be unraveling big-time, with the appointed prosecutor (Angela Corey) is now threatening to sue Prof. Alan Dershowitz over his comments that "This affidavit, submitted by the prosecutor in the Florida case is a crime. It’s a crime. If she in fact knew about ABC News’ pictures of the bloody head of Zimmerman and failed to include that in the affidavit, this affidavit is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

He also took the prosecution to task for having used the passive voice — “a struggle ensued” — to describe the altercation that allegedly took place between Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin leading up to Trayvon’s death without adding pertinent evidence and details, such as whether Martin had been on top of Zimmerman, thus able to bash his head against the pavement as Zimmerman has claimed.

The prosecution’s goal, Dershowitz explained, is to present all the details and evidence of the case in order to pursue justice, not merely to seek justice solely for one side of the case. And “you don’t indict based on false information,”

It's hard to like Corey's chances when "the VERY liberal" Alan Dershowitz takes issue with your case!

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