Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pushback on the Mainstream Media’s Racist “Anti-Racism” Campaign MUST Begin NOW....

Part I: “If I (Barack Obama) Had a Son, He’d Look Like Tyrone Woodfork.”

90 y/o Bob Strait, born and raised in poverty amidst the Great Depression, was a Para-Trooper in the 101st Airborne Unit and participated in the D-Day Invasion, earning a Bronze Star.

He survived that ordeal, allegedly with America’s most ominous enemy, to return home and Marry Nancy (now 85 y/o), who’d grown up in a log cabin in Kenwood, Oklahoma, without running water. Together they raised a family that today includes their 6 children, 18 grandchildren and about 50 great and great-great grandchildren and they’d recently welcomed a great-great-great grandchild into the fold.

The Strait’s had just celebrated their 65th Anniversary this past December.

On March 14th, 2012 a “wolfpack” apparently led by Tyrone Woodfork kicked in the elderly couple’s back door. They stole their Dodge Neon, their TV and about $200. They then brutalized the elderly couple, shooting Mr. Strait in the face with a BB gun suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and severe bleeding. He is in a serious condition in hospital. Nancy Strait wasn’t as lucky. She was severely beaten and sexually assaulted. She succumbed to her injuries a short time later.

This has NOT been widely reported in the U.S. media. A media that seems to stand alone in its apparent belief that black teens like Trayvon Martin are more likely to be victims of white racism, than the reverse.

This is the SAME media that ignored the Chanon Christian and Chris Newsom murders in Knoxville, TN a few years back, then ignored "the previous Trayvon Martin case," in which black homeowner Trevor Dooley’s bringing a gun across the street to police a neighborhood park and shooting and killing 41 y/o Iraqi Vet and Air Force member David James.

Not so funny story, incidents like the David James’ case happen far more frequently (about 16X more frequently) than the reverse!

Nor is any of the black-on-white violence our media refuses to report on driven by economic disparities (typically, Tyrone Woodfork lived just four doors down from the Straits) nor any lingering “racial resentments.

HINT: It’s based primarily, if not solely on blatant race-hatred and racial bigotry (a/k/a “racism”)!

Where are the marches for the Straits?

Where are the tear-jerking media accounts of their plight?

Where is NBC to maliciously edit any potential statements made by Tyrone Woodfork? (too bad they fired that "unnamed editor" who merely did his Company's bidding)

Bob Strait survived war with the Nazis, only to see his wife murdered in front of him, while he was grievously injured in his own home and WORSE, to see his nation’s own press side with today’s Nazis!

No Purple Heart, no Bronze Star for Bob Strait in this battle...

P.S. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, NOT ONE member of the media would have the guts to refute anything posted here. No brag...just fact.


Skunkfeathers said...

I can tell you that the lamestream media long ago lost credibility with me. None of the so-called 'Big Three' carry any weight with me any more; Brian Williams has sunk to a pathetic sock puppet for the Nobama propaganda machine.

JMK said...

That's almost certainly why FNC dominates the news ratings and MSNBC is at low ebb.

Unfortunately nearly ALL the news we get is highly filtered.

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