Sunday, February 12, 2012

Greg Kelly’s Accuser (Maria Di Toro) Does NOT Warrant “Victim Annonymity” Protections

An odd controversy continues to swirl around the identity of Greg Kelly’s (NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly’s son & a Fox-5 “Good Day New York” Anchor) false accuser (Maria Di Toro) being named with photos in the New York Post the day after charges were dropped. (SEE:

To some, it appeared that one arm of News Corp (The NY Post) was, in effect, “punishing” someone for bringing charges against an employee of News Corp.

Of course, that would ONLY be true IF the charges held any weight.

The fact that Ms. Di Toro and Mr. Kelly “exchanged steamy text messages” both before and AFTER the alleged “rape,” seem to show that the charges were unfounded (false), since victims rarely send sweet nothings to their attackers.

First, the NY Post was NOT the first media outlet to publish pics of Maria Di Toro. That honor, so far as I know, goes to the U.K. Daily Mail (

Note that the Daily Mail photos were published on February 9th, a full day before the first pics of Ms. Di Toro appeared in the NY Post.

BUT the fact remains that once those charges were dropped and found unconvincing, she no longer had a right to the protections the Press usually accords victims of sexual crimes.

DSK’s accuser’s pics were splashed all over the tabloids the very day the Manhattan D.A.’s office refused to go forward with the charges.

Andrea Peyser, a NY Post columnist and generally a partisan for women in most cases wrote: "The DA must take a stand against false claims leveled against men, the same way he would uphold the right of any other minority to not be harassed and scorned because of physical appearance."

The one thing that the recent onslaught of false rape allegations have done is to have effectively destroyed the old canard that went, “Why would any woman make a false rape report?”

Obviously the answers are as varied as, “For fun, for revenge (over being dumped) and for profit.”

The unfortunate thing is that such false reports are not YET taken as seriously as other false reports, but the trend seems to be heading in that very positive direction.

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