Thursday, January 12, 2012

Politics SHOULD NOT be a Team Sport

One of the casualties of our celebrity driven culture is that too many of us have come to put brand over beliefs.

Politics SHOULD NOT be a team sport, but that’s pretty much what it’s become.

As voters too many of us are either “red” or “blue.”

Conservatives abound in BOTH major Parties. Recent polls show that appx. 43% of Democrats consider themselves ideologically Conservative.

Likewise, Progressivism was created by the Rockefeller-wing of the GOP!

Teddy Roosevelt initiated the Progressive party (“the Bull Moose” Party) as the nation’s first Progressive Party. Progressivism was and remains the vehicle which Corporatists have used to advance a decidedly anti-free market agenda. That agenda was packaged as offering “greater job security” for workers, while also offering greater Corporate and wealth-protection security for both established Corporations and the very rich.

The very first Progressive President of the United States was Herbert Hoover, the “Jimmy Carter of his day,” who began the “Alphabet Soup” that FDR later expanded.

For decades the Democratic Party had been the home of working class Conservative Americans. Tammany Hall Democrats fought vehemently AGAINST the Progressive Republican social reformers from Fiorello LaGuardia to John V. Lindsay.

The “Southern Strategy” developed by “Rockefeller Moderates” in the GOP like Richard Nixon cynically sought to stifle America’s Conservative majority by luring large number of “Southern Conservatives” and “Northern white ethnics” (especially ethnic Catholics) to the GOP whose agenda was controlled by its moneyed and very Progressive Rockefeller-wing.

That strategy has worked very effectively to date and it continues to work because the Progressives (both Rockefeller Republicans and Progressive Democrats) have been so successful at dividing Americans along racial and gender lines in order to blunt their ideological ties.

So long as politics remains a team sport for so any Americans, the Progressive moneyed elites will continue to dupe and dominate the increasingly poorer working class.

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