Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check The MATH in Your News!....


Just saw this, this morning; “Mayor Bloomberg plans to announce a $127 million program today that changes how they interact with city government.

“More than half the funding is coming from two billionaires - the mayor himself, through his foundation, and philanthropist George Soros. They are putting up $30 million apiece.

“The remaining $67 million will come from taxpayers for what will be a program designed to break the pattern of poverty and incarceration that afflicts about 315,000 young minorities.”


OK, the program will cost an (ESTIMATED) $127 MILLION and Soros and Bloomberg will BOTH put up $30 MILLION, which adds up to $60 MILLION.

How, exactly, is $60 MILLION “more than half” of $127 MILLION?

How about “almost half?” Or even more accurately, “Approximately 45% of the ESTIMATED cost of the program.”

Because we all know the track record of such programs coming in “On time and under budget,” don’t we?

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Skunkfeathers said...

When the books are audited -- if ever -- it wouldn't surprise me to find that NONE of Bloomin'IdiotBerg's or Soros' money wound up in the trough; only taxpayer funds.

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