Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can We be Saved...From OURSELVES?...


Recently we were treated to the DSK “outrage” – a pompous, self-important “world leader” allegedly feeling entitled to “do as he would” with a lowly hotel maid in New York City.

The American media blared its outrage, “How dare this autocrat think he could force his will on another merely by dint of his station or position?”

REALLY, America?!

Try looking in the mirror once in awhile!

We are today a nation that is entrenched in the very SAME “entitlement ethos” that infects Mssr Kahn.

America’s seniors feel “entitled” to a retirement and increasingly expensive medical benefits paid for by everyone else (“the little people”). Public sector workers feel “entitled” to generous pensions and medical benefits also paid for by everyone else (again, “the little people”).

Some of it comes down to “two ways of viewing the world,” HOWEVER, contrary to what some folks claim, BOTH views are not and CANNOT be true at the same time;

The liberal view that, “Everybody needs to step up to the plate and contribute to erasing the deficit, rather than rob money from Medicare to pay off the deficit, taxing the rich is the much better way to go," couldn't be more wrong!

Even a cursory look at the above graph clearly shows that the top 10% of income earners in America pay 68% of all income taxes on just 44% of the aggregate annual wages.

The bottom 50% of wage earners pay just 3% of all income taxes on 13% of the annual aggregate income.

Fact is, “It’s the BOTTOM 50% of income earners who are UNDER-TAXED!”

We have too many Americans in for a free ride.
People are living longer and healthier, so the social security and Medicare eligibility ages should be raised and we need to drastically CUT federal, state and local/city budgets and workforces to spur REAL job growth in the private sector.

EVERY single government job is paid for by private sector revenues, so we NEED to keep government workforces SMALL, so the private sector can expand and grow the economy.

That's why liberal calls for "tax the rich," ALWAYS fall hardest on those earning the least!
As Ronald Reagan said, "It isn't that liberals are bad people, it's just that they know so much that simply isn't so."

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