Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik’s Assault on the Global Corporatist Culture!....

The hideous murder of 76 innocent Norwegians by the anti-globalist terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik (pictured above) is a VERY BIG DEAL, not only on account of the staggering death toll, most of them teenagers, but because it seems to evidence something that global Corporatists didn’t believe really existed – actual, serious resistance, especially among ethnic Western Europeans. That’s NOT a good thing from their view. So, ultimately this is a story about all of us having to change and adapt to the NEW and still forming global culture.

In a statement Anders Behring Breivik said he’d carried out the attacks because he wanted to "save Norway and Western Europe from a Muslim takeover". He accused the Labour party of "mass imports of Muslims."

Unfortunately for those like Breivik, it isn’t only the Labour Party or "the left" that’s complicit in the mass immigration he sees changing his country and his culture, it’s every political Party in Norway, because EVERY political Party in Norway, like every political Party everywhere is funded by and beholden to its own global (multi-national) Corporate interests and the global Corporatists have a plan in place and it’s going to be cemented in place, come what may.

There’s a very difficult transition going on and it’s going to get even more difficult as we try to merge a number of fundamentally different moral systems into as much of a “unified whole” as possible.

BUT the die has already been cast. Long ago, the Corporatists of the West saw the very simple math that it would be better to sell to 5 BILLION customers worldwide than to the 1 BILLION in the industrialized West.

But to do that, wouldn’t be easy. A plan had to be devised to not only “Westernize” the developing world, but to somewhat “de-Westernize” the West!

That was accepted as the most effective way to achieve those aims over the shortest haul. So, starting in the 1960s America and Western Europe radically changed their immigration policies and allowed millions to flee Third World poverty and come to those industrialized lands. At the same time, Western companies were changing the very cultures and languages of those in the developing world.

It’s a brilliant strategy, but even this one is not without some pain and dislocation. Like any kind of major transition, this one is fraught with much dislocation and human misery.

In America, most people know absolutely nothing about Scandinavia. The most misinformed think it’s some kind of “democratic socialist utopia,” when nothing could be further from the truth.

One Swedish blogger puts the cultural question into a pretty poignant perspective with, “Very few of the Swedes does not understand English. Some of us might not speak Swedish! Not even those who are born here. . .”  (Pela)

Pela is even more stark about Sweden’s new multi-cultural crime stats!

The following Swedish crime stats come from Sweden’s National Council for Crime Prevention:

. In 2003 New York City had: 591 homicides - Sweden had 189.

. NY City had 1,789 rapes - Sweden had 2,565.

. NYC had 18764 aggravated assaults - Sweden had 65175.

. NYC had 29207 burglaries, Sweden had 122700.

. It should be noted that NYC has almost 1.5 times the population than does all of Sweden, so to accurately compare Sweden’s stats to New York City’s you have to multiply our numbers by 1.5X!

Pela asks, “If Sweden were a city; where would you choose to live?

“And I promise you that the numbers have not gone down here since then!”

Pela notes: ("About the murder rates- you have to keep in mind that it is very hard to get someone convicted for murder here in Sweden. Most killers are just sentenced for manslaughter and those convictions are not listed under homicides.")

Certainly any reasonable person could see where that immigrant-fed crime wave would be at the very least “disconcerting,” to traditional, native-born Swedes like Pela.

In Norway they have a very similar “Muslim issue.” In Norway, one moderate Muslim scholar Mulla Krekar, who’d long been very dismissive of Osama bin laden and other radicals, switched his views in 2009 claiming that “Muslims in Norway need their own state,” and that he hoped that Osama bin Laden, or another like-minded radical Islamist leader would become the head of  Islamic super-state.

To be sure, Westerners are NOT going to embrace an Islamic/Sharia moral code, one that stones gays and adulterers to death and doesn’t allow women to drive cars or go out in public unescorted, BUT be sure that Muslims are also NOT going to accept today’s excessively open and liberal Western morality either.

Some accord will have to be brokered. . .and THAT’S really what all this comes down to. There WILL BE resistance, but that resistance WILL BE put down, by media and by governments, all of whom are beholden to the same global Corporatist interests.

Suffice to say, most global corporatists are very aware of their own “preconceived Western biases,” and feel that their initial impulses should be to make the non-Western world feel as “welcome” in this new global marketplace as possible.

That DOES NOT mean that the West will ever have to accept the barbarous abuses of Sharia law, BUT it DOES mean that the West’s current acceptance of things like adulterous promiscuity, open-relationships, homosexuality and female immodesty will have to change and probably change somewhat radically from what many in the today’s West find acceptable.

Right now, it’s traditionalists who want to cling to their old cultures who are most dislocated, but mark my words, soon it’ll be the most liberal people of the West and the most radicalized/fundamentalist people in the Arab-Muslim world who’ll be the most dislocated and prone to lashing out.

BUT ultimately the corporate globalists will win. Come what may, THEY will win out. They’ve been playing chess for fifty-plus years, while the rest of the world was playing checkers.

Ultimately, no matter how much any of us resists, we’ll ALL eventually become members of a NEW globalized culture prepackaged for us by the same global Corporatists that sell us breakfast cereals and Coke!

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