Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sen. Schumer on the Three Branches of Government


I guess it's to be expected...after all, Joe Biden apparently believes that FDR took to the TV airwaves when the stock market crashed in 1929....Sarah Palin believes that the "Space race" not the "Arms race" bankrupted the former Soviet Union and now Charles Schumer (D-NY) believes there are "3 branches of government, we have a House, we have a Senate and we have a President".

So, not only has the legislative branch now expanded t become 2/3s of the the branches of the U.S. government, the Judicial branch is no longer an actual branch of the U.S. least according to one Senator.


Joe said...

According to Schumer, my civics and US history classes got it wrong!

Why I learned as an elementary student that the branches were: The Executive; the Legislative and the Judicial.

I had to answer that way on every history test that touched on the subject, and that's the way I answered.

To learn, after all these years, that I was taught wrong...well, you can't imagine how much faith in my education that makes me lose.

Sadly, many people follow Senator Schumer like he is an expert in something or other.

Skunkfeathers said...

I can forgive Sarah: referring to 'Star Wars' as "the space race" is understandable.

Schumer...he's simply an arrogant moron.

Biden is just a three brain cell creature trying to get along in a six cell world.

JMK said...

Absolutely right Joe....that is how it's taught in all the Civics courses.

For a sitting Senator to make THAT particular faux pas is astounding.

JMK said...

I think everyone feels the same way about Joe Biden, SF. It appears that he was brought in to make everyone around him look the fat chick who makes all the other girls look "hot"...."So, you claim you campaigned in 57 states, I can top that one easy, here goes...."

Biden is Obama's "designated fat chick."

I think Sen. Schumer, despite his affection for the limelight and his penchant for shameless self-promotion is viewed as a much more serious person than Joe Biden, but that response gave a very real indicator into how little many "mainstream legislators" seem to care about the Constitution.

At best, it's a tag line for many of them, like "Church and and state."

They don't know anything about the Constitution, but they vaguely "feeeeel" that it must say whatever they "think" it does.

In that regard, we no longer have a "Constitutional government."

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