Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apparently Even Unions DON'T "Buy Union" - Michigan Carpenters Union Outsources Protesters

In one of those "sweet ironies" of life, a Michigan Carpenter's Union has hired NON-UNION protesters to walk their picket line! I guess the Union members were just too expensive.....


Skunkfeathers said...

That's a measure of how completely inept and lazy some unions have become. And in WI, IN and OH, we're seeing how unions expect taxpayers to just bend over without comment, and pay more taxes to fund their lavish pension plans and other benes that taxpayers in the private sector can't get. The marxist/socialist mentality that is permeating public-sector unions is going to foment a crisis that will tear the fabric of our constitutional republic. And union leadership will be the last to see the devastation they are bringing to the working class.

JMK said...

Sad, but true.

We have become an EXTREMELY spoiled ("me-first") nation.

If you get a chance, read Michael Goodwin's great column; " 'Gimme' Culture Imperils nation" at:

It's right on the money on this issue.

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