Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quickie Quiz: Guess What Kind of A$$hole Bob Barr is....

(A)       Shit-bird A$$hole

(B)       Dick-bite A$$hole

(C)       Half-wit A$$hole

(D)       “Crying-on-the-Inside” type A$$hole

If you said “Dick-bite A$$hole”, you are almost certainly correct, as your basic half-wit A$$holes wouldn’t know how to trade their so-called (“Libertarian”) principles for cash, your run-of-the-mill Shit-bird A$$holes are generally, at least clever enough not to express any well-defined “principles” and your garden-variety “Crying on the Inside” A$$holes can never seem to make their “minds” up long enough to actually betray any of their so-called “cherished principles”. So Bob Barr seems to be that rarest kind of A$$hole – the vaunted “Dick-bite A$$hole”.

According to CNN News, “Former Republican Congressman Bob Barr said he is not serving as Duvalier's attorney, but is in Port-au-Prince to consult, assist and be Duvalier's voice to the international community.

“Barr represented Georgia's 7th District in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2003, and was the Libertarian Party's presidential nominee in 2008. He currently practices law and runs a consulting firm based in Atlanta.

"We have been asked by the former president and his family to assist him in his efforts," Barr told reporters in Port-au-Prince....

Barr "will be representing" Duvalier "in bringing his message of hope to the world," the former Republican congressman's website says.”

While we're pretty much used to liberal American A$$holes cozying up to brutal tyrants (think Joe Kennedy and Hugo Chavez:, it's generally (and thankfully) a LOT more rare to see Conservative or Libertarian Pols doing the same....Nice goin' Bob Barr!

Apparently Barr (who was famously “punked” by Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat) doesn’t realize that espousing “Libertarian principles” is (at least somewhat) inconsistent with representing mass-murdering, Left-wing tyrants
I wonder what Bob Barr’s time and talents are going for these days?
If it’s much at all...someone should tell good’ol “Baby Doc” that it’s way too much!

This bit of anti-Libertarian calumny by Barr has been overshadowed (luckily for him) by all the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt over the past week, but it shouldn’t go unnoticed.


Justin said...

Thanks for posting this. I live in south Georgia and haven't heard word one about it. While Barr was never one of my favorites, I thought he was better than this. Guess I was wrong...

JMK said...

This was one of the few things that surprised me lately. I generally have a pretty low bar for all politicians (especially lawyer/politicians), but consider that Bob Barr just ran for President as a LIBERTARIAN, this is hard to forgive.

I felt bad for him when that idiot (Sacha Baron Cohen) punked him in, not so much.

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