Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is Beau Friedlander – Vaunted “Enemy of the Right”...

Beau Friedlander (above center with Ron Reagan Jr to the left) posted a vile piece on the Huffington Post last week seeking any kind of “sex tape” that could be used to “get Glenn Beck off the air forever.”

Beau Friedlander is anti-free speech scumbag who can’t accept the FACT that he’s LOST the “battle of ideas” with Conservatives like Beck and others.

Beau Friedlander is a writer living in Brooklyn.

He was the editor-in-chief of Air America until it closed in 2010, and is the former publisher of Context Books, an award-winning small press.

UPDATE: Beau Friedlander has publicly apologized to Glenn beck saying, “I stepped over the line.”


Skunkfeathers said...

An apology from a libtard? Can the Apocalypse be far off?

JMK said...

Well, he was pretty much shamed into it.

Even the HuffPo took his "article" down...the one offering $100,000 for any dirt that would "take Glenn Beck out of the public eye forever."

Yeah...just a tad "over the line."

In any Sharia-compliant nation (the kind he lauds over the good'ol USA) such a "tad" would get a guy like him stoned...then again, so would his views.

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