Friday, April 23, 2010

What We’re Up Against....

The feminized West has a hard time with moral absolutes and expressing authority

In a recent (April 8th, 2010) article in the Wall Street Journal by Dorothy Rabinowitz (a member of the Journal's editorial board, is the author of "No Crueler Tyrannies: Accusations, False Witness, and Other Terrors of Our Times" (Free Press, 2003) ends with a very poignant insight; There are other faces of Muslim America. Five years or so after the terrorists drove their planes and passengers into the twin towers and the Pentagon, a cab driver from Pakistan remarked, as we drove past the rubble where the towers had stood, that he could never pass this place without trying to see them again in his mind. A painful effort, for all that it brought back. What was not painful, he added, was the memory of certain people in his neighborhood — a mixed but mostly white area of Queens, with many Italian-Americans, some Jews, and he thought some Irish. After the attacks, some of the men had come to him.

"My wife doesn't go out without a head cover," he explained. The men had come to tell him that if anyone bothered her, or his family, he must come to them.

"I must tell them and must not be afraid. Do you know," he said, in a voice suddenly sharp, "what would have happened if Americans had done this kind of attack in my country? Every American—every Christian, every non-Muslim—would have been slaughtered, blood would have run in the streets. I know the kind of country this is. Thanks be to God I can give this to my children."

This casual observation that had an American or any Westerner (any Asian, for that matter) done something terrible like that anywhere within the Muslim-Middle East, “every non-Muslim would have been slaughtered, blood would have run in the streets,” is WITHOUT QUESTION true.

And that is what the soft-hearted, zealously “tolerant” West faces attitude very familiar to their own fathers and grandfathers, but quite unfamiliar today.

Can America and the West really stand up to this “old school challenge” from a morality rooted in the 7th Century?

We’re about to find out.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

We can. The question seems to be "will we?", and I hope the answer is yes. Why the left supports the racism, antisemitism, sexism, and intolerance of the Islam is completely beyond my ability to comprehend. The very things they claim to revile are the exact things that terrorists thrive on and enforce. With violence.

JMK said...

I sure hiope the answer is YES too, FS.

The Left doesn't really support tolerance at all....and they only purport to oppose "racism," and anti-semitism because those can be a useful tools to guilt those who do oppose those things into accepting more and more of the Left's pernicious agenda.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were both virulent racists and many of today's Left are themselves virulently anti-semitic.

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