Monday, April 26, 2010

The Myth of the “Working Class Far-Left”....

" an ultra liberal far left working class kind of guy...." (the other Jimmy Olson)
Wait a minute, that phrase "far left working class kind of guy" is an oxymoron.

People who work for a living DO NOT support higher taxes, or increased social spending, or more foreign aid, or an "expanded public option" in healthcare designed to shift the burden of paying for healthcare FROM businesses and Municipalities (currently, some 97% of American workers are covered by their employers...of the estimated "40 million uninsured Americans," an estimated 17 MILLION are opt-outs, generally younger, healthier workers, who opt out of their workplace health insurance in favor of increased take-home pay, another estimated 15 MILLION are ILLEGAL immigrants, and as such are NOT "Americans"....leaving about 8 MILLION (appx 3%) of American workers uninsured) TO the workers themselves.

The current Pelosi-care would create a public option that would provide a bare-bones expanded public option that virtually EVERY employer would opt to put their employees on. That option would offer heavily restricted care (many state programs cap spending at $10,0000/per patient per year), rationing of fact that's already being done by focusing on cutting reimbursements to physicians who send patients for more and expensive testing (read oncologists and heart specialists), and "paying for it" with CUTS to Medicare.

Most working people no more like the idea of paying MORE for LESS care than they do the prospect of an inane and prohibitive carbon tax based on the now proven-to-be junk science behind "anthropomorphic global warming."

As to your question about who on the left loves Sharia Law...well, apparently MANY on the far-Left admire such hellholes and they even embrace their Third World values, such as Harold Koh (tabbed by President Barack Obama to be the lead legal advisor to the State Department, whom, in a 2007 speech, stated, “In an appropriate case, he didn’t see any reason why sharia law would not be applied to govern a case in the United States.”

And Mr. Koh's view is NOT all that rare in the far-Left precincts.


H/T to The Other Jimmy Olsen for the comment that inspired this post


Skunkfeathers said...

The Far Left is not a class; it is a cancer on the life of a free society.

'Nuff said.

JMK said...

It is a cancer on a free society and it is a rage against LIBERTY (a/k/a "freedom") especially economic Liberty, but the idea that any sizable [portion of working-class Americans are Leftist as tojo claims is unsiupported by fact.

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