Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liberal Rage at America on Display.....

This past weekend the Washington Post printed an Op-Ed by Colbert King entitled, The Deeper Roots of Rage, in which he inanely compares the Tea Party Conservatives to the pro-segregationist Democrats of a few decades ago.

Colbert King can’t seem to get his history right on any of his points.

Ironically enough, today, more than 60% of Americans support the Tea party movement and more than 2/3s of Americans told Rasmussen that their values are closer to the Tea Party values than to those of “the political class,” or that over 54% of the Tea Party members are WOMEN!

When Colbert King compares the alleged, but unvetted “verbal abuse” by Tea Partiers to that of people at a David Dukes rally he claimed to have witnessed, he conveniently omits that David Dukes had been a lifelong Democrat and STILL and to this day sees his “working-class socialist” views much more in concert with the Democrat Party. Or , when he derides allegedly fascistic Conservatives like Pat Buchanan, he apparently does so in ignorance of the fact that Pat Buchanan himself, had raised much Right-wing ire by declaring that he didn’t see Barrack Obama as a particularly “bad” or “malicious” President.

Moreover, Mr. King conveniently omits that it is Republicans who’ve been the ONLY targets of actual mob violence, with Virginia Republican Eric Cantor being the only member of Congress to have actual shots fired into his office by a loan, Obama-supporting, Muslim nut, hardly representative of the American Left.

The videos of those protests seem to show nothing more than “booing,” no racial or anti-gay slurs, and no incidents of “spitting.”

See for yourself;


In fact, far from taking Andrew Breitbart up on his $100,000 offer for any proof of spitting, both Representatives Cleaver and Lewis claimed, they “never said anyone deliberately spit on us.” OK, so it was others (apparently people like Colbert King) who decided to run with those false charges.

Can he possibly believe that contemporary American Liberalism supports a bigger, more intrusive government, higher tax rates, etc.?

I honestly don’t think so, as that is a view supported by only a small, rabid and radical fringe within the broader Liberal spectrum.

So what could possibly motivate Mr. King, other than pure and unadulterated hatred for so many of his fellow Americans?

What other reason could he have for STILL supporting the very people (Rep. Clever and Lewis) who, in effect, threw him and his media ilk under the proverbial bus with their recent denials, other than an unbridled and undeniable hatred for over 60% of his fellow Americans?

For those of you who didn't see Colbert King's vicious attack-piece on Conservative-America in general and the Tea Parties, Glenn Beck,  Sean Hannity in particular, you can find it online at;


Skunkfeathers said...

As fellow blogger Paul Mitchell accurately points out, true racism is alive and well -- and largely has always been so -- on the Left. Another factoid that Colbert King glosses over, because it doesn't fit his dumbed-down template of hate.

I've attended two Tea Party functions. I have seen a diverse attendance at both. I suppose Colbert would brand the blacks at both Tea Partys as "Uncle Toms" and "race traitors". That's what his handlers on the Left insists he say. For his stated views are those fed to him by the Left. He is a puppet of the Left. In fact, he is a slave TO the Left. Just as the Left sees it.

And always has.

JMK said...

This is the real tragedy of our current MSM, accurately called "the dinosaur media."

Colbert King couldn't get even a SINGLE fact right.

The guy's got a Bachelor's degree from Howard University and is the Deputy Editorial Page Editor!

Generally, at least in the not too distant past, editors, much like teachers, had to show their striving for credibility by striving for credentials - thus most such people had multiple graduate level degrees by the time they were in their fifties.

Apparently Mr. King never felt the need to strive academically, nor improve his self-development, with such costly and obviously superfluous degrees.

By comparison, William Kristol, the Editor of the Weekly Standard has a PhD in government from Harvard University (he also has a BA Magna Cum Laude from Harvard as well).

I suppose Mr. King had an (ah-hem) somewhat "easier" path.

It's ironic, isn't it, that the "most angry, bitter racial bigots," often come from the ranks of the most privileged in our society - people like Colbert King.

Early Light said...

The Republican Party was born of the anti-slavery movement. Our nation's first Republican President abolished slavery while preserving the Union. Republican Congresses and Presidents tried to safeguard the civil rights of former slaves in the second half of the 19th Century. It was under a Republican President, Eisenhower, that desegregation of the military and the government-run schools began. It was with the support of Republicans in Congress that critical Civil Rights legislation was passed in the 60's - over the objections of racist Southern Democrats.

So, what conclusions can we draw from this?

The Republican Party is a bunch of reactionary bigots.

There - do I now qualify for high-paying job with the MSM? Or, maybe, in academia?


JMK said...

That seems to be the primary criteria, EL....holding to the "right/accepted set of beliefs."

I'll even grant them that there are kooks and fringe-nuts on both sides of the spectrum, but for a privileged dolt like Colbert King to put his name to this historically inaccurate, horrifically mean-spirited and viciously slimming attack piece on the prevailing American spirit of dissent is as Neanderthal as it is vile.

Early Light said...

Wait a minute! We are the mean-spiritied Neanderthals. You've got to get this name-calling down a little better than that...

JMK said...

"Wait a minute! We are the mean-spiritied Neanderthals. You've got to get this name-calling down a little better than that..." (EL)

THAT certainly is the meme of the left, isn't it?

But then there's always a Colbert King to come along and prove how wrong that Leftist fairy tale really is.

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