Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even More on Our 1970s Redux - Welfare Fraud is BACK!

With the relaxing of the incredibly successful welfare reforms of the late 1990s has come the predictable return of welfare fraud.

One thing you can count on as assuredly as the sunrise is that “when a liberal gets an idea, he usually gets it wrong.”

Wrong on “housing as a human right,” most of those “low income Americans” treated to mortgages they couldn’t afford thanks to Fannie, Freddie, Barney and Dodd among others, are now in foreclosure.

How’s that “human right” working out for you, now?

Wrong on championing illegal immigration for “creating more Democratic voters” - turns out that the vast majority of the Catholic immigrants wind up more socially Conservative and more averse to Democratic policies than most Americans!

And woefully wrong on “welfare rights.” Dolts like the Rathke’s (Dale and Wade) once posited that by overburdening the system, they could bring about socialism.”

FACT, once a support system like that fails, there is an immediate and unavoidable return to what can be best termed “anarcho-Capitalism.”

Today (Tuesday, April 27th, 2010), WCBS News York reported; “Authorities said 32 people, some of them financially well-off, have been indicted in a welfare-fraud crackdown.

“Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes said the defendants stole about $1 million in benefits, including welfare, Medicaid and food stamp assistance. Some of the defendants owned homes and businesses.

“Authorities said one couple, who were in real estate, had about $2 million in their bank account at one point.”

SEE: http://wcbstv.com/local/welfare.fraud.crackdown.2.1658844.html

Welfare fraud once accounted for over one-third of new York City’s welfare rolls, which is why New York City’s welfare population dropped by a third in the wake of the Gingrich-driven welfare reforms.

Those reforms ultimately dropped New York City’s welfare population from just over 1 million to under 400,000 and in the process saved New York City, at least $20 BILLION per year, based on $25,000/year in welfare benefits across the 800,000 people dropped from the rolls.

A return to welfare fraud - yet another indicator of our ongoing 1970s Redux.


Skunkfeathers said...

Libtards apparently LOVE fraud.

JMK said...

Well, it certainly seems so, especially given the fact that Wade Rathke, among others, wrote about "overburdening the system" to bring about socialism.

That, of course is NOT what would happen if such a system where overloaded and failed - the inevitable result would be either a draconian civil crackdown they would label "militaristic fascism," but ultimately, a return to a very basic and cut-throat "anarcho-capitalism."

They can't even figure out the trajectory of their own ideas correctly.....how pathetic is that?

Early Light said...

You know, Hitler never understood how much the Russian people hated communism. If he hadn't been such an idiotic racist, the Russian people would have taken Moscow for him.

And, the libs have no idea how they are creating an America that hates socialism.

By the way, I link to the WSWS now. They actually have some interesting news. Their philosophical interpretations and conclusions are faulty, but they have some good news.

JMK said...

"And, the libs have no idea how they are creating an America that hates socialism." (EL)

Agreed, although there really is no practical way to make socialism work.....it's an economic fantasy.

The same dolts who envy a surgeon earning $4 MILLION/year, wouldn't go through the near decade of training to achieve those skills and put in the long and arduous hours and the unending continuous education required to keep those skills current.

The market works, the directed economy does not.

What we've had in the U.S. since about 1912 is NOT Capitalism or "the Free market," but a form of Corporatism,, often called "the Political Economy. It's the political economy that's been dubbed "crony Capitalism" by people who don't understand that the things they revile about Capitalism are all inherently UN-Capitalistic!

It's the political economy that's imploded Greece with an "entitlement culture," even wider in scope and more entrenched than our own.

It's also the political economy that's largely responsible for the mortgage /housing bubble burst and the subsequent global credit crisis. Liberals in the U.S. Congress used the concept of "disparate impact" to wage war against traditional lending criteria, thereby virtually mandating banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers.

Someone had to pay for that, and the likes of Barney frank, Chris Dodd, the late Ted Kennedy, Charles Rangel et all felt the American people ("the suckers" in their parlance) wouldn't have a problem picking up the tab.

To dtae, not a single soul has ever made a rational case for a workable form of socialism (communal ownership of all property and the means of production)...and that's because it can't be done.

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