Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recent Rasmussen's Polls Tell a Fascinating....and Hopeful Story....

Last Summer, liberals were shocked at the Gallup Poll that showed there were almost twice as many self-identified Conservatives (40%) in America as there are Liberals (21%), but three recent Rasmussen Polls show where the majority of the American people stand on things even clearer.

In one, titled, Politically Speaking, Populist Isn’t Popular, But Conservative Is, Americans prefer the affiliation “Conservative by a very wide margin, when compared to populist, progressive, liberal or libertarian!

In fact, that poll breaks down like this;


CONSERVATIVE    40%       16%

Progressive     22%       35%

Libertarian     18%       31%

Liberal         14%       39%

Populist         8%       36%

The ONLY affiliation with POSITIVES over 30% is CONSERVATIVE, likewise the ONLY affiliation with NEGATIVES UNDER 20% is CONSERVATIVE!

The affiliation with the 2nd HIGHEST positives was “progressive” with 22% (nearly half that of Conservatives).

The affiliation with the 2nd LOWEST negatives was LIBERTARIAN with 31%.

The affiliation with the HIGHEST negatives was LIBERAL with 39%, followed closely by both “progressive” and “populist” at 35% and 36% respectively.

Populist was the ONLY affiliation with POSITIVES under 10%!

That would seem to be VERY good news for Conservatives and VERY BAD news for the Left...no matter what they call themselves!

Still another Rasmussen Report, titled, 75 Percent Are Angry At Government’s Current Policies, declares that a national telephone survey “shows that 75% of likely voters now say they are at least somewhat angry at the government’s current policies, up four points from late November and up nine points since September. The overall figures include 45% who are Very Angry, also a nine-point increase since September.

“As the economy continues to stumble along, 59% of voters believe cutting taxes is better than increasing government spending as a job-creation tool, but 72% expect the nation’s elected politicians to increase spending instead.

“Looking back, most voters still don't approve of the multi-billion-dollar government bailouts of the financial industry and troubled automakers General Motors and Chrysler.”

Seemingly proving that voters voted in Democrats in 2008 to CUT spending and reduce the deficit, and are angry that they chose to do the reverse!

And in yet a third recent Rasmussen Report entitled, Americans Reject Keynesian Economics, there is even more bad news for left-leaning, Keynesian Liberals.

“John Maynard Keynes would say it’s best to increase deficit spending in tough economic times, only 11% of American adults agree and think the nation needs to increase its deficit spending at this time. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 70% disagree and say it would be better to cut the deficit.

“In fact, 59% think Keynes had it backwards and that increasing the deficit at this time would hurt the economy rather than help.
To help the economy, most Americans (56%) believe that cutting the deficit is the way to go.”

As far as what’s causing our current problems (too much government SPENDING and intervention), the voters seem very well informed.

That is almost certainly why politically, no matter how you spin it, more Americans are angry at their government, more are opposed to government spending and larger deficits and perhaps most promising of all, by an overwhelming margin favor candidates who affiliate with the term CONSERVATIVE than any other. In fact Conservative and Libertarian had the two LOWEST negatives, while “populist” was the only affiliation to have positives UNDER 10%!

Like that information or not, it would seem to be vital data when pondering the next election, coming up in about nine months.


Joie said...

I hope this next election does take us in the right direction. I hope we clean out the house and senate as much as possible this time around! We need a serious purging and some new blood that have reverence for our constitution and think it is relevant to our country and is perfect the way it is, and therefore we should follow it as is.
Thanks for the great post!

Joie said...

and this is because i forgot to hit the "follow-up" box.

JMK said...

I hope so too Joie!

So far the signs look good, but we're going to have to stay mobilized and motivated.

Tragically, we let the ACORN allies take control of the government in 2008....and that's been a disaster...let's hope we come out of this with liberal/progressive becoming dirty words for yet another generation.

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