Friday, February 26, 2010

Joseph Stack – a “Conservative Tea Partier," Of Course....

This is a GREAT cartoon that appeared in Red State a few days ago.

It captures the essence of the media spin on IRA kamikaze, Joseph Stack.
What it doesn't explain is the equally ridiculous back-story - stung by a bona fide far-Left loon and ardent Obama supporter Amy Bishop gunning down colleagues at the University of Alabama, the MSM did what it always reflexively does, to grab at another incident and shout, "You guys do it TOO!"

Except of course, Conservatives DON'T!


Skunkfeathers said...

Libtard media credibility is as dead as Ted Kennedy...though, the bugger's still sober...

JMK said...

Well, the MSM has certainly lost viewership and that seems to have been (largely) FoxNews' gain.

The really sad thing is that so many liberals think "Talk Radio and FoxNews have brainwashed and converted many Americans to Conservatism."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

America has ALWAYS been a center-Right nation and probably will become MORE SO in the coming harder years ahead.

The reason that Conservative Talk Radio and FoxNews have done so well is that their message resonates with far more Americans than does the MSM's.

Anonymous said...

great post. I had heard about those things but kind of discounted them as just another ploy to debunk conservatism, all while liberalism is being proven false all the way around. Love the post. Keep up the great work.

JMK said...

"I had heard about those things but kind of discounted them as just another ploy to debunk conservatism, all while liberalism is being proven false all the way around." (WC)

It's ironic that it's the prosperity generated by Capitalist entrepreneurialism that generated the West's excessive generosity and so much of its activist/equalizing and redistributionist "liberalism."

Now the days of cheap energy and cheap commodities are over....we are competing for that energy, that water and those commodities with billions of others in quickly industrializing nations and the result is higher energy, water and commodity prices, making it harder to make the kinds of profits that earlier on, generated so much of our overly optimistic generosity.

We are not only heading into harder economic times here, due to excessive government spending (generosity with other people's money) and Keynesian economic policies (BOTH G W Bush and Barack Obama have been stalwart Keynesians), but we're doing so as the tectonic plates, both culturally and economically shift beneath our feet.

The new realities will all but eradicate that sense of optimistic generosity that is the foundation of the West's egalitarian liberalism.

There are even some, who've suggested that Barack Obama, who had been enthralled by Milton Friedman while at the University of Chicago and later surprised people as the editor of Harvard's law Review in seeking out "ideological diversity," in the form of more Conservative voices, may have been a stealth candidate set up to discredit and destroy liberalism in America once and for all.

That last bit is surely merely the paranoid ramblings of some on the extreme-Left, but it is ironic that "the most liberal President in U.S. history" would preside over its shockingly sudden implosion.

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