Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yet ANOTHER College Rape Hoax....ONLY....

This past week, we've had yet another major rape hoax story, this time out of Hofstra University on Long Island.

Of course, this time, while the accuser is yet another black female, it was not a maliciously false charge, triggered by money and blatantly racially motivated, on the accuser's part, as it was in the Duke rape haox, it was simply a troubled young woman (18 y/o Danmell Ndonye, pictured above) making a false charge, because she didn't want her new boyfriend to think she was a slut (yes, taking on four guys at once sexually, in a dormitory bathroom, can tarnish your reputation a bit). Still, DON'T expect this case to be the cause celeb the Duke Hoax was among media mavens and academic light-weights. It's (no pun intended) just too vanilla.

Thankfully, in THIS case, the detectives were able to get hold of a cell phone video that showed Danmell was a willing participant and her story quickly unravelled. The Durham police never seemed to think of THAT - questioning or "breaking" Crystal Gail Mangum's ever-changing story. A lapse that speaks volumes about the professionalism of that particular Department.

I'm thankful that all four young men in this case were quickly exonerated, BUT, it offers more proof, if more were needed, that a moment's BAD JUDGMENT can have potentially long lasting BAD EFFECTS.


namaste said...

jmk, i am so glad you posted about this story. i intend to post about it as well. this girl is an example of how much parenting in this generation has deteriorated, producing these god-awful, self-centered kinds of children. as a parent, i believe this is the worst time to have had children. especially for those of us that adhered to the value put forth by the parents of our previous generation.

a very sad statement, indeed.

JMK said...

I feel bad for everyone involved in this story Maria.

I think this girl did something she almost immediately regretted doing and saw her only "out" as making this false charge.

That was cowardly criminal in that she apparently didn't give a damn about ruining four other people's lives, so long as she could protect her own image....her own "self-esteem." See M Scott Peck's great book "Children of the Lie" on that's chillingly accurate.

These four guys (though they all engaged in VERY shameful and poor judgment) will fare a lot better then the Duke guys, because the media and a virulently "PC" academia hasn't condemned them pre-trial as "rapists" and, quite frankly, there is no salient "racial angle" to be played here.

Still the false charge is damning and those guys pics were splashed across all area front pages and now hers has been too....bad judgment all around and this time it resulted in some really bad results.....although as the Duke Hoax proved, it could've been a lot worse!

Skunkfeathers said...

I didn't address this issue on my blog directly, but when it comes to education standards of ethics and integrity, you could say I touched on it (previous post to current). And basically, at what point did academia swerve away from stressing personal and professional ethics, integrity, and standards of conduct? When did parents? Why the hell did society do this? And how can society expect differently from the young, when journalism, academia, and politicians are showing little to no respect for ethics, integrity and standards of conduct?

JMK said...

I don't think American academia has stressed those things in decades SF.

If anything such social conventions are "too bourgoise" for their tastes.

I don't get a lot of the things kids are being taught today, like "oral sex isn't really sex, just an expression of affection" and this "group sex thing."

Generally, investigators tend to view such dynamics (multiple guys with one girl) as "forced" or "coerced" until proven otherwise.

These guys were fortunate a cell phone video proved their innocence.

WomanHonorThyself said...

horrific episode my friend....been busy..tryin to catch up!:)

JMK said...

Hi Angel!

Me's been a very heavy Summer for overtime....I haven't had too many days off.

Can't complain given the econmy and all, but my "online time" has been impacted.

Seane-Anna said...

There's actually a wee bit of a silver lining in this otherwise totally outrageous incident. The girl lied about being raped to protect her reputation. Apparently, there's still a faint memory out there that sexual morality matters and that sexual immorality can ruin your rep. The sad part is that that faint memory is just that, FAINT, and getting fainter every day. Sigh and shudder.

JMK said...

Here's the problem Seane-Anna, she didn't care much at all about ACTING morally, only that her IMAGE or "what others thought of her" mattered to her.

In M Scott Peck's great "People of the Lie," where he delves into the existence of human evil, he has a number of very telling accounts.

One was about his stint as an Army psychiatrist he was assigned to study why some apparently high-aptitude recruits varied in their achievement levels. What he found is that common to the high-achievers were TWO traits, (1) none of them worried about whether they were the first or the last recruit to finish a given task or test, only that they did their best AND (2) when asked what is the most important thing in their lives ALL answered "MYSELF." As Dr. Peck noted, THAT is key, because before you can love and take care of your family, your country or ANYTHING else, you must first LOVE and take care of yourself.

Later when he interviewed a number of serial killers in prison, he got a VERY DIFFERENT answer to that same question - "My self image," or "what others think of me" was the first answer given by ALL of these depraved men.

That led Peck to conclude that what we often call "self-esteem" is not only not very important, it is often the most important thing to the worst and lowest among us.

I don't think this young woman cared one bit about morality, only about how others thought about her...and the sad thing is THAT is more and more becoming the de facto "morality" of our day.

Attorneymom said...

Burn her azz. I don't like liars.

JMK said...

I definitely agree that she should've been prosecuted here AM, but I do make a distinction between her and a false accuser like Crystal Mangum (of the Duke Hoax); (1) because I think this was primarily a case of a young, woman who wound up inebriated at a party and made VERY poor judgment, as opposed to someone who walked out on a fraternity party gig and then got mad that the "customers" she stiffed didn't want to pay and (2) in both cases poor judgment on the part of the guys involved played a part as well...and in the Duke case, the reckless and indefensible actions of the faculty ("the gang of 88") and some in law enforcement were virtually criminal, in and of themselves.

BUT, I agree that she, like anyone who'd make a false report, especially in one that would lead to felony arrests SHOLD BE prosecuted. for that.

Seane-Anna said...

"...she didn't care much at at about ACTING morally, only that her IMAGE...matterd to her." I know, JMK. That's why I said there was a WEE BIT of a silver lining in this sorry situation. A wee bit. And that's sad.

JMK said...

Iunderstand your oint Seane-Anna, but when you take her actions in light of what M Scott Peck said about those who care more about self-IMAGE than themselves (their morality, character, etc.), there really isn't any good news here.

Danmell has adopted, according to Dr. Peck's view, the same self-obsessed and self-fixated viewpoint that most truly evil people exhibit.

That's actually prety scary, when you think about it.

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