Monday, September 7, 2009

What’s With Barack Obama’s Rogue’s Gallery of Radical "Friends"...

OK, with the sudden, late Sunday evening resignation of “Green Czar” Van Jones (above left), over a litany of anti-Capitalist, thus anti-American and flat out racist/bigoted statements, consideration must be brought back to Barack Obama’s veritable rogue’s gallery of unsavory and generally far-Left radical “friends.”

Sure, the first such “friend” we all noticed was the Pastor who Baptized both his children and served as his “spiritual mentor” for nearly twenty years, the now infamous "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, but before Wright, there was Tony Rezko, the Syrian-born real estate mogul and felon, who became an Obama fundraiser and a personal “friend” who helped Obama get a home at below market prices.
And before Rezko there was Alice Palmer, a former Illinois state Senator who hand-picked Barack Obama to be her successor in the Senate. She’s a former member of the U.S. Peace Council, which is listed as a Communist front group and was a strong supporter of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Her closest friends include William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Barack Obama.

But BEFORE even Palmer and Rezko, there was Khalid al-Mansour, a Black Muslim who’d served as an advisor to a Saudi billionaire. It was allegedly al-Mansour who helped Obama get into Harvard, by asking Percy Sutton to write a letter on Obama’s behalf for his admission to Harvard.

In the Illinois state, then Senate President Emil Jones became Obama’s mentor in the state Senate. In 2007, Jones tried to block legislation that would put the name of state subcontractors on the Internet – apparently because his stepson’s tech firm does millions of dollars of business with the state.
In his teen years, Barrack (then “Barry”) Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, during Obama’s teenage years in Hawaii. Davis was a Communist and black liberationist whose loyalty was to the Soviet Union, not America.

Now there’s Van Jones, whose views align perfectly with the equally odious views of Wright, Davis and Monsour, not to mention another “FOB” (Friend of Barry’s), the former Weather Underground terrorists, Bill Ayers (above right).

IN fact, in keeping with all those also mentioned nitwits, Van Jones is apparently also a 9-11 Truther, as he signed a petition put out by those kooky conspiracy theorists alleging that “the Bush administration was responsible for the attacks of 9-11-01 as an excuse for war.” The petition he signed and now claims he “never read” was HEADED, “9-11 was an Inside Job.”

As troubling as Van Jones views are, and they are mightily so, the current President’s rogue’s gallery of friends should be even more troubling.


Skunkfeathers said...

The most troubling part of all is this little factoid: if the "friends" you listed had been friends of, say, Sarah Palin, the media -- led by MSNBC and CNN -- would have trumpeted those associations to the skies, and made an enormous issue over them, until Palin had to drop out of not only sight, but the solar system.

But because it is the Annointed One -- Barry Soetero -- these media sluts are silent.

All the while, denying bias.

Tell me..when did blatant, outright lying become SOP in the media? I know the answer for the Democrats. But when did the alleged watchdogs of the First Amendment become no longer trustworthy? And more importantly...why?

Mark said...

"In his teen years, Barrack (then “Barry”) Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, during Obama’s teenage years in Hawaii. Davis was a Communist and black liberationist whose loyalty was to the Soviet Union, not America."

Do you have primary source evidence (not bloggers opinions) to support your claims? Neither Obama's nor Davis's writings seem to support your claims.

- His book does not support claims that Davis was his mentor.

- While there is evidence he joined the CPUSA, what evidence is there that his loyalty was to the Soviet Union?

- What evidence is there that he was a black liberationist? His writing rejected such ideology. He believed in complete integration.

As a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer with specific training in Deception Analysis by the C.I.A. in 1989, I am researching political disinformation. I am familiar with disinformation campaigns, including Pope Gregory's misrepresentation of Mary Magdalene, Russian and German misrepresentation of Judaism, Operation Fortitude protecting the D-Day invasion, Operation Left Hook protecting the coalition drive into Kuwait, and the misrepresentation of the Iraqi threat this century. This disinformation campaign fits the pattern epitomized by "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," where a target is smeared through deliberate misrepresentation.

JMK said...

Hi Mark, I do have two sources that assert that Frank Marshall was a Marxist and was close to Barack Obama when the future President was growing up.


JMK said...

Well, if Sarah Palin had "friends" like these, I'd doubt the Olbermann's of the world would have a problem with it, BUT if she cavorted with Militia members, extreme Libertarians, and other far-Right group members, THAT would, of course be a big story to them.

The problem is that about 80% or more of America's MSM is 180 degrees antithetical to the country's predominantly Center-Right population.

And they wonder why so many newspapers are going belly-up and why so much of the MSM's on-air outlets are trailing Fox News...

Skunkfeathers said...

JMK, it amuses me that they wonder this. I recall after several elections lost by the Left, their post mortem was always "we didn't get our message out".

That has always been their problem: they DID get their message out, and voters understood it.

Sadly, in '06 and '08, the Republican message was a mess, and the Dems could pretty much sell ANYTHING. Now we have the growing fiasco that we have.

But I have hopes for '10 to turn a positive corner.

BTW, this Mark sounds like a "seminar" blog commenter. On two other occasions, bloggers have referenced a link between this Davis fellow and Barry; and in each case, someone has turned up and made almost the same protest and demand of proof of the link, as this Mark did. I'm not sure, but I think the last time I saw this, it was either at Right Truth or Mean Ol' Meany.

So I guess you could say you've been seminar commented ;)

JMK said...

"Sadly, in '06 and '08, the Republican message was a mess, and the Dems could pretty much sell ANYTHING. Now we have the growing fiasco that we have." (SF)
Indeed that was the case, BUT I believe a BIG part of that was due to the fact that the GOP under DeLay, Hastert and G W Bush almost completely severed ties with the Reaganite-Gingrichian SUPPLY SIDE policies that had delivered unprecedented prosperity for over aquarter century and returned this country to a Keynesian (big government, high-spending) path.

I'm afriad that despite his initial two tax cuts that had revenues SOARING, G W Bush remained, at heart, as Keynesian as his Dad, who was only the second post-WW II U.S. President to preside over a full tenure of double digit Misery Indexes, although, to be fair, Bush Sr's 10.2 average annual Misery Index was paltry compared to Jimmy Carter's whopping 16.3 average annual MI.

Ironically enough, just as Carter followed yet another failed Republican Keynesian (Richard Nixon), Barack Obama has followed the spendthrift Bush Jr. (G W spent MORE, even adjusted for inflation) than LBJ did on reckless and irresponsible social spending.

I think THAT'S (sadly) what muddied up the GOP's message in both '06 & '08.
"But I have hopes for '10 to turn a positive corner." (SF)
Yes, that's looking brighter for the GOP, BUT my fear is that they'll find a way to blow it.

NOT the 2010 Elections, no, BUT the aftermath.

The Keynesian, "Country-Club" wing of that Party, it's infamous "Rockefeller-wing" is an albatross around the GOP's neck.

Ever wonder how a predominantly Center-Right nation can be so completely alienated politically?

The Democratic Party, once the natural home to working class white ethnics and Southern Conservatives has been sold out and handed to the far-Left, while the new "home" of Conservatives and many Libertarians (the GOP) is still run by its monied elite - its "Rockefeller-wing."

The GOP pretty much forced Bush Sr. on a reluctant Ronald Reagan, then pretty much bannished Pat Buchanan from the Party for daring to speak the truth, that there wasn't a dimes worth of difference between a Liberal Democrat (ie. Ted Kennedy) and a "Country Club" Republican (ie. Christie Whitman, Lincoln Chaffee, etc.).

If the GOP doesn't re-connect with (ie completely capitulate to) its conservative base, it is doomed.

Will the "Moderate"/"Country Club" Republicans graciously step out of the way by 2010?

I have my doubts....I think they'll have to be pushed.

Attorneymom said...

Team Van Jones. I am so disappointed with President Obama for privately throwing Mr. Jones under the bus on this one. President Obama needs to get a back bone.

JMK said...

AM, it would've been political suicide for Barack Obama to have stood by Van Jones.

Van Jones is a hapless "sell-out revolutionary."

He doesn't even have a clue of what he's revolting against.

He's a vile racial bigot or "racist" in the parlance of the street and a gutless "9-11 Truther."

When confronted with the petition he signed TITLED "9-11 Was an Inside Job" instead of defending that position and defending his fellow Truthers, he threw them and their "movement" (such as it is) under the bus...saying, "I never read that petition."

That makes either a worldclass ignoramous, as who signs ANYTHING without reading it and who wouldn't consider the text of something entilted "9-11 Was Inside Job" before signing it...OR a worldclass liar.

The latter seems to fit more appropriately with his profile: vile racial bigot, ardent anti-Capitalist...usually "habitual liar" fits right in their in such resumes.

Serious question, you seem reasonable and rational, so why would YOU defend and expect someone like Barack Obama to defend such an obviously odious person?

If Obama didn't jettison this pariah, he'd have been rightfully tarred with ALL of Van Jones' expressed views...and THAT would've been political suicide.

So why defend this kind of scum?

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