Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is THIS Our Future?...

England’s Labour Party, the equivalent of our Liberal Democratic Party, has presided over the largest increase in England’s national debt EVER!

Today, the UK’s national debt exceeds 90% of GDP as unemployment tops 10% and rising.

The Pelosi-Reid-Obama Liberal Democratic triumvirate is well on the way to doing the SAME thing here.


Linda said...

Do you ever wonder what they talk about over the dinner table? Do they ever listen?

JMK said...

A lot of Liberals simply hate business and "the private sector"?

Oddly enough many of the worst offenders are people who work for the government, which is ENTIRELY dependent upon that private sector for the tax revenues that produce those jobs.

Many of those spoiled and out-of-touch liberals are about to find that out in a pretty painful way.

Unfortunately, we can almost certainly count on them still NOT "getting it".

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