Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PATH Medical and The Fight for Medical Freedom

The 1st Amendment enshrines religious freedom, along with freedom of expression, perhaps it should’ve included the right to Medical freedom – the right to choose our own mode of medical care, as we see fit.

One of the flaws of even an Constitutionally limited representative democracy, such as ours is that government tends to grow inexorably as politicians see ALL solutions as being governmental ones (“When all you have is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail”) and because established enterprises tend to seek protection from competition through government as those entities grow ever larger and more bureaucratic and thus less competitive themselves.

So government grows.

And as government grows, it also seeks to increasingly micromanage the lives of its citizens.

Lobbyists from all quarters DO often deliberately seek preferential treatment for their favored entities and in the process they often CAN and DO deliberately seek to limit the liberties of others.

“For their own good”, of course.

Right now, medical insurers and major health providers are lobbying to limit access to alternative treatment modalities, to make most vitamins and supplements “by prescription only” and limit the medical freedom or choice of their fellow Americans.

The problem with that is that these characters along WITH government are the primary reason why Americans spend some $1.7 TRILLION on healthcare each and every year and why less than 1% of that is spent on preventative measures that could improve the viable and productive life spans of most Americans.

They are also the primary culprits of why over 80% of our healthcare spending is spent on “catastrophic care” during the last two years of most people’s lives.

That’s a failed modality and yet, it’s one that’s evolved as government has become more and more involved in providing American healthcare. Today, over 40% of all U.S. healthcare spending is done through government.

One of the practitioners of an alternative modality in the cross-hairs of the healthcare lobby is PATH Medical, founded by Dr. Eric Braverman (pictured above), located at 304 Park Avenue South in NYC.

Dr. Braverman is a brilliant physician who’s assembled a an incredibly gifted and dedicated team at PATH Medical.

Dr. Braverman (a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brandies University and the NYU School of Medicine) honed much of his current views at the Princeton Brain-Bio program decades ago.

The Brain-Body Connection

Dr. Braverman’s basic approach is that the brain controls all the other functions of the body, including hormone levels, metabolism, etc.

There are four basic neurotransmitters in the brain (Acetylcholine, Dopamine, GABA and Serotonin) and various imbalances in these neurotransmitters determine much of our personalities and a good deal of our health, hormone levels and metabolisms.

PATH Medical’s approach is a whole body map, including a full-body sonogram, a brain mapping, intensive blood testing, including testing for various hormone levels, etc.

From this, PATH develops a treatment strategy designed for each individual patient.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

At the heart of this strategy is usually an intensive vitamin and supplement program, often coupled with hormone replacement therapy IF hormonal levels are sufficiently low.

Suzanne Summers has lauded the work of physicians like Dr. Braverman (she interviewed Dr. Braverman for he r book Ageless) touting both his diet recommendations and his medical approach to aging.

The Rainbow Diet

One of the key components of the PATH plan is the “Rainbow Diet”, which isn’t a diet, so much as it is a lifestyle change that MUST permanently replace your current eating habits.

As the name suggests, COLOR is the key to the “Rainbow Diet”.

Meals consisting of different colored spices, vegetables and fruits are highly recommended and various teas, from Green Tea to Black and Lemon Teas are suggested as your “beverage of choice”.

The other key is avoiding “white foods” – especially white sugar, white flour and salt.

Extending Viable, Productive life CAN BE a HUGE BENEFIT to Employers and the ECONOMY

While it may be understandable why the medical establishment reviles such “alternative modalities” it’s far harder to see why business and especially government do likewise.

A program like PATH Medicals can add vitality and viable, productive years to most people’s lives, and there’s few things that would benefit the economy more than keeping some of our more experienced workers (those who’ve gleaned and earned a lifetime’s worth of experiences in their field over decades of service) on the job and both viable and productive for far longer periods.

From government’s standpoint, keeping more Americans fit, vital and productive well into their advanced years would greatly reduce the strain on social security and for Municipalities on their exploding pension systems! A longer, more productive working life would delay and diffuse the imminent social security "Baby Boom" bubble and go a long way toward revitalizing the economy!

In fact, there’s really no downside to this preventative approach that looks at aging as a disease process.

Here’s hoping more Americans get involved in the fight for Medical Freedom...before it's too late!


Skunkfeathers said...

It'll be a tough fight: Obama, Congress, and media sycophants who "know what's best for us", versus "us".

JMK said...

It's not just the Obama administration SF. Big business has been supporting some kind of "Universal Care" for decades to get out from under the burden of insuring over 85% of the American people.

Career government bureaucrats (Civil Servants), as well as most politicians want the tax revenue from all that "untaxed compensation".

So, some form of Universal care or "single payer" plan has long been inevitable.

What remains to be seen is what form it'll take and to what extent that government program will put those private insureres out of the general market.

My guess is that we'll eventually get something close to what Britain and Canada have, complete with rationing of care, restrictions on procedures that come with EVERY government-managed system.

In this country, we'll almost certainly have private insurers to fill in the gaps, that is to allow those both willing and able to pay, being able to circumvent all that rationing and all those pesky restrictions.

Ultimately healthcare will be made a LOT more expensive than it is today!

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