Monday, May 4, 2009

The Yankees WIN!...Tha-aaa-aaaa YANKEES WIN!!!


Apparently I meant the NY Times Corporation.

It seems that while the Yankees have getting their clobbered by their New England rival BoSox, the NY Times is looking to either wrangle $20 million in concessions from its Unions at the Boston Globe (owned by Times Corp) or simply shutter the 123 year old paper.

Isn’t it great when an institution (the NY Times) that derided Reagan’s tough negotiating with PATCO as “union busting”, engages in blatant union busting itself?!

Maybe that’s why a share of NY Times stock is now worth less than its Sunday edition!


Joie said...

what goes around, comes around. don't ya just love it?

Roadhouse said...

Just another example of liberalism falling apart when applied to real life.

WomanHonorThyself said...

long time no see friend!..Just another example of liberalism falling apart when applied to real life...exactly right!

JMK said...

I DO love it Joie!

And yes, Roady, it IS.

That's why I'm not that worried about the current administration's policies....they're doomed to fail, almost DESIGNED TO FAIL.

Can they do a LOT of damage in the meantime?

SURE, but maybe a lot of Americans NEED that, in order to value what they lost.

JMK said...

I know Angel....I haven't been online as much lately....real busy at work.

Seane-Anna said...

You are so right, Roadie! And it couldn't happen to a nicer group of people than our friends at the NYT.

conservative brother said...

I just want the Times organization to go Chapter 11 then finally Chapter 7. What will the mainstream media do without the Times around to give them their daily talking points?

JMK said...

I'd raher see the NY Times with new ownership Tyron, preferably more Center-Right ownership...THAT would be the fate the sulzbergers deserve.

As to what will the rest of the MSM do wihout the far-Left NY Times?

Well, there's always MSNBC!

Isn't it odd how the "anti-Corporate Left" has no problem with the "Corporate media" run by GE - a company that lobbied for and profitted from both Iraq and Afghanistan, traded with Iran, selling them parts used in many of the IEDs in Iraq, and a Company that's lobbying hard for Obama's healthcare initiatives (hoping to profit off the feds medical records windfall) and for his "Green Jobs" initiatives (hoping to glom the lion's share of that government largesse, as well)???

GE owns NBC and it subsidiaries (MSNBC and CNBC) and its other "entertainment networks". MSNBC in particular has served as a propaganda arm for GE's anti-market, self-serving pro-Corporatist agenda.

How dishonest is that?

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