Monday, May 4, 2009

BDS...ODS...RDS...It’s ALL the Same Pathology...

Bush Derangement Syndrome, Obama Derangement Syndrome and Rush Derangement Syndrome are all part of a singular and similar pathological approach to ideology, one that vilifies the other side as “evil” merely because of their views.

A group who has suffered discrimination, or abuse should FIRST and FOREMOST never wish to see anyone else discriminated against or abused. Those that seek to excuse their own bigotries through some perceived victim’s status generally have never actually suffered themselves. The FIRST thing a mistreated individual or group tends to do is to assure that the mechanism of that mistreatment is shut down and the second thing they generally do (IF they were actually victimized) to champion no one else ever being victimized as they were.

That’s why Conservatives, who’ve rightly railed against the staggering amount of BDS over the past eight years and RDS over the past two decades, MUST avoid the temptations of ODS.

Barack Obama’s genius has laid in being able to advance a Left-wing agenda under the banner of Moderation. He is politically astute and has surrounded himself with a gifted inner circle – Rahm Emanuel, his Chief-of-Staff is a consummate politician.

Merely opposing his every move is counterproductive.

In fact, team Obama has done some very UN-Liberal things these past three months, from defending and expanding the NSA surveillance program to increasing rendition, to upping the ante in Afghanistan.

What’s more, wailing about every policy, every decision amounts to “crying wolf” and that’s VERY counterproductive.

The MSM campaigned hard in favor of the Democrats and a majority of the people bought it. Those policies will have to FAIL before the people will demand a return to the Supply Side policies of Reaganism/Gingrichism that had created a quarter century of unprecedented and unrivaled prosperity.


Seane-Anna said...

Sorry, JMK, but your advice for conservatives to just sit around and wait for Obama's policies to fail is just too passive. Conservatives, traditionalists, whatever we are called, need to be actively opposing Obama. We need to do that intelligently and honestly, of course, but we need to do it. Sitting around waiting for Obama to implode just won't cut it.

JMK said...

Sadly, Conservatives are currently in no position to do otherwise.

The Obama administration has control of the House, the Senate (with an almost 60 vote "super-majority") and they are intent on ramming through the Liberal agenda.

Only about 40% of Americans are committed either way and they are about evenly split between Liberals and Conservatives...the other 60% are people who, while they tend to be more traditionalist in their views, have accepted the "big lie" that "Capitalism and Conservatism caused the Credit Crisis."

That conviction, pushed hard by a VERY liberal MSM, is why the Obama administration won the last election so convincingly and why President Obama's approval ratings still hover around 60%.

For better or worse (and I believe it's for the worse) Conservatives and Conservatism are mistrusted right now by the majority of those "middle 60%" of Americans.

Conservatives CAN'T do what the Left did to G W Bush.

They don't have the MSM behind them...the Left DID and that's the ONLY reason they were able to do that and get away with it.

We NEED to look at each issue honestly and take on ONLY those worth fighting.

But ultimately, YES, the Obama administration's policies will HAVE TO FAIL in order for Conservatives to regain some of their lost credibility.

Right now, there's next to NOTHING the Right can do to keep the Obama administration, with its large Congressional majorities, from enacting its stated agenda and that is a VERY Liberal one.

This is a chess match and the other side's loaded for bear...we don't have many cards right now, so we've got to play the ones we have very well.

The very BEST card Conservatism has is that Liberal policies have ALWAYS failed and wreaked havoc on the economy.

This is the price we pay for excusing a VERY Keynesian G W Bush his many flaws and for putting up perhaps the weakest and most ineffective GOP candidate in decades (McCain), a leader of the GOP's Moderate/"Liberal" wing.

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