Friday, April 3, 2009

The Real Agenda of the Left...

What's most pathetic about dopes like the nitwit with the "Imperialist America is the #1 Enemy of Humanity" sign, is that they are dupes to a heinous, feudalistic agenda.

There are very wealthy people here and in Europe who very much DISLIKE the idea of an open market where all are free to compete and very much LIKE the idea of feudalism, where the wealthy/nobles lord over a mass of serfs.

THAT'S the ONLY alternative to the economic liberty of the market-based economy - economic and political FEUDALISM.

The sight of would-be serfs campaigning for their own indentured servitude is one of the most disgusting things I can think of.
H/T to Angel @ WomanHonorThyself ( for the GREAT Pic!


WomanHonorThyself said...

thank u my friend..and yes...this is too repulsive for words..did u hear bout Binghamton today?..good Lord JMK.

Rachel said...


Haven't been on for a while. Busy.
How's the Mrs? How are you.

And as a lib, I see where you are coming from. I despise class warfare. It is used as a political weapon and does nothing to help people. Obama and fellow Dems are giving good examples. 8.5% unemployment under a Democrat Congress and Presidency. Signing orders rather than transparency.

JMK said...

I DID hear about Binghampton before going into work this afternoon.

There are an awful lot of crazy people out there....always have been, I don't like the meme that goes "hard times caused this," because it abbrogates the personal responsibility that individual had for their own actions.

JMK said...

Hi Rachel! Glad you’re around and doing well...busy is usually a good thing, right?

We’ve been good too.

While I revile class warfare and I don’t like the current direction, I’ll also be the first to admit that the previous administration began this return to Keynesianism.

It’s important for us all to get an understanding of what’s caused the current crisis. I’ve been struggling to get a better handle on it myself.

I think Bush’s initial goal of increasing minority and later low-income homeownership was a noble one, but the government went about that the wrong way.

Congress revamped the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act in 1995, among other things changing lending criteria. When Bush signed on to the 0% down for FHA mortgages and Congress encouraged/pushed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy/guarantee more and more of those subprime loans – Fannie’s & Freddie’s share of the mortgage market increased FROM 24% in 2000 to just under 50% by 2007, most of that coming from buying/backing all those subprime loans!

What that did was to allow the banks to, not only “gamble with the taxpayers money,” but to actually counterfeit credit (a form of wealth).

The current crisis is so bad because it’s really no different than if a government allowed banks to print up their own currency and promising to back all that worthless paper (wealth).

That much, the Obama administration inherited, but they also inherited something possibly even worse – a major and probably deliberate mis-representation of the cause of the current crisis by most in the media and the political class.

While ALL of this mess was brought on by G W Bush’s Keynesian policies, it’s being blamed on “Bush’s Conservative and Supply Side agenda,” almost guaranteeing that we get MORE of what’s made this economy so sick!

I’m worried that if we don’t find our way back to an honest assessment of all this, we’re going to be in far worse trouble a few years down the road, when we should be recovering.

Seane-Anna said...

The real agenda of the left is the real agenda of Barack Obama. That's why we conservatives can't afford to be polite. The future of the nation is at stake. We gotta stop bringing knives to this frickin' GUN FIGHT!!!!!!

Roadhouse said...

Maybe Rachel isn't as liberal as she thinks she is. Usually libs don't admit or recognize class warfare in their own ranks.

A ray of hope?

beakerkin said...

For what it is worth I did annoy one Commie in NYC by mistaking his group for IHOP. The truth is Communists are cult like and thrive on argument.
They do not like satire and ridicule.

JMK said...

"That's why we conservatives can't afford to be polite. The future of the nation is at stake. We gotta stop bringing knives to this frickin' GUN FIGHT!!!!!" (Seane-Anna)
It ISN'T about "politeness".

In FACT, that's a word I never used.

One thing I've noticed is that those Left AND Right who use insults and personal attacks are NEVER able to make real arguments in favor of what they believe and more importantly, they alienate far more moderates than they attract.

I for one am glad that apolitical moderates outnumber BOTH Conservatives and Liberals.

It forces those of us who are confirmed Conservatives or Liberals to HAVE to make credible arguments to win elections.

That's good for BOTH sides.

JMK said...

"Maybe Rachel isn't as liberal as she thinks she is." (Roady)
I've always found rachel to be an admirable independent thinker Roady. She's as critical, if not more so, of the Left than the Right and she's not beholden to any "side" on an issue, she seems to go where the facts and the best cases sway her to go.

Many pro-choice, anti-death penalty people who are Conservative on many other issues, tend to self-identify as "Liberals" because those issues have been so highly politicized.

JMK said...

"The truth is Communists are cult like and thrive on argument.
They do not like satire and ridicule."
< That's a very interesting observation and one I believe to be true from my own experiences as well.

Leftists (extreme-Leftists) tend to be far MORE ideological, far MORE emotionally driven and, ironically enough, they do tend to take themselves waaaaay too seriously.

That's an odd dichotomy - emotionally driven people who take things too seriously and people who laud science ONLY so far as it supports their own agenda. When science undermines their faith in anthropomorphic global warming, for instance, those scientists are treated as "heretics."

That's a fascinating observation and very well put.

Z said...

Next time they have a tsunami or need to fight off enemies, I hope they call this awful country.

Z said...

Did I make myself clear? I don't think so!
I guess I meant "don't call us, we'll call YOU"..

except we'll be calling them for advice in this One World Order obama's trying to implement. grrr


JMK said...

Z, it sure looks that way (heading toward some form of global government)....THAT would be the worst of ALL possible scenarios.

The rest of the world (at least 80% to 85%) does not accept individual Liberty as sacrosanct, nor does it accept that economic Liberty is the foundation of ALL our other liberties.

A global government would require a global 1776!

Remember ONLY 11% of the American Colonists supported Independence, ye they were able to force it upon the rest.

WomanHonorThyself said...

have a beautiful holiday my friend:)

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