Saturday, February 21, 2009

Missed Opportunities...

The Stimulus Bill COULD HAVE mandated natural gas powered vehicles for the federal government, then moved to encouraging the states and Municipalities to do the same, while offering tax incentives to those individuals who bought them...but it DIDN’T.

The Stimulus Bill SHOULD HAVE delivered its promised $15,000 tax credit for purchasing a foreclosed house, in order to stimulate the reduction of the glut of housing stock on the market...but it DIDN’T.

The Stimulus Bill that Could Have and SHOULD HAVE required the workers who’ll get jobs due to the stimulus funds to be American citizens by maintaining the House version’s E-Verify requirement...but it DIDN’T.

Instead it’s laden with hundreds of BILLIONS in wasteful pork and pet projects, like the $9 billion earmarked for rural Internet service and hundreds of millions more for studying STDs – studying the STDs that we already know how to cure?


Digital Publius said...

Sort of like watching a school of piranha picking some poor hapless animal clean. The stimulus was a feeding frenzy for frustrated legislators and we the people are the poor dumb animal doomed to go wading for decades to pay for this nonsense losing our money and freedom one bite at a time.

JMK said...

Well, I think we're going to re-learn the same lesson we SHOULD'VE learned from the late 1970s (when yet another Keynesian Democrat inherited a worsening economy from another Keynesian Republican)...that MORE Keynesian government spending won't cure problems created by Keynesian policies!

Seane-Anna said...

All this complaining about the "stimulus" package brought to us by the guy you're so eager to give the benefit of the doubt to. I don't understand, JMK.

JMK said...

No complaints, Seane-Anna....things will have to get a whole lot worse for the 60% of Moderates to wake up.

These are just a few relatively "progressive things" (supporting natural gas powered cars), the mandated use of E-Verify for hiring, etc.

No, Seane-Anna, the Democrats DID win this past November and they SHOULD and they WILL go full bore on thier tax and spend programs, at all costs.

They'll also seek to fast-track illegal immigrants to citizenship and voting status, they'll push hard for "Same-Day voter registration" which makes tracking voter fraud much harder, they'll try and shut down Conservative Talk Radio via "Localism" and they'll seek to redistrict Conservatives out of office via gerrymandering election districts.

I'm vehemently AGAINST ALL those things, BUT, I do feel it's important for Conservatives to distance ourselves from the radical kooks in our ranks, just as the Obama administration distanced itself from the Kos kids and the MoveOn crowd...they took their votes, but no one pays attention to those radical any more.

I'm adamant that true Conservatives must do the same to those on our side who go too far.

I really don't see where that sensible outlook puts you and I at odds, in any way.

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