Thursday, February 19, 2009

Liberalism as an Emotional Disturbance Case #4,788,652...

Two staggeringly dumb things took me by surprise this past week (no, aside from the chimp gone wild that put one woman in critical condition), they were, (1) an FDNY widow blaming “the racist FDNY” for her probie husband’s death in the training academy and (2) the imbecilic interpretation of a NY Post cartoon (seen above) by some leftists, black and white.

On the cartoon front, and this has been done to death by now (Hey! I had to work and I do 24 hour shifts.) but to me, the BEST editorializing of this flap was done by Frank J’s of IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion) Blog, entitled, aptly enough, Crazed Black-Hating Liberals and reads, in part; “The NY Post put up this cartoon, and the obvious implication is that the stimulus bill is so horrible it could have been written by a crazed, face-eating monkey. Now, that’s not entirely accurate, as a crazed, face-eating monkey does not have enough wits about it to use a national economic crisis to get pork projects for its district, but still I see the comparison.
Liberals, though, see something different though. Apparently, when they see a crazed, face-eating monkey — no matter the context — the first thing they think of is the current president. Why? Because he’s black, and apparently liberals think black people are just a step away from being crazed, face-eating monkeys.”

Yes indeed, sad, but very, VERY true!

There’s nothing for me to add. Yes, when liberals see a wild monkey their thoughts immediately turn to...

In the other staggeringly dumb event, Sherita Sears, the widow of Jamel Sears, a probationary firefighter who died on November 10, 2008 at the FDNY’s Fire Academy at Randalls Island, claims that Mr. Sears was the victim of an FDNY effort to keep blacks out of the department.

The claims goes that probationary recruit, Jamel Sears died after he was subjected to a more strenuous physical regimen than other FDNY hopefuls - most of them white - had undergone in the past, lawyer Ken Thompson said.

Ironically enough, I can comment on that, as I went through the Fire Academy a little over 23 years ago and did things that are no longer done today, like training on “scaling ladders” a 10’ metal bar with side bars, like a telephone pole’s running up its spine to a 2’ long hook with teeth at its top. Recruits back then, had to start on the first floor of a training building and put the scaling ladder’s hook through the window directly above, attach the hook to the window sill of the window above, secure it and climb to that window and repeat that process, until you reached the fifth floor. During that exercise, an instructor would order each recruit to secure their belt’s carabineer to the spine of the ladder and lean backwards away from the ladder, at which point, the instructor would shake the ladder to check the recruit’s reaction.

The smoke room back then was far more crude and arduous and the PT (physical training) was every bit as demanding as that done today, with long runs done EVERY day regardless of weather.

Jamel Sears' widow, Sherita, filed a notice of claim Feb. 6 informing the city and the FDNY she plans to bring a $10 million wrongful death suit.

"This was the largest class of blacks and Latinos in Fire Department history," Thompson said. "Why did the department decide for the first time to implement this particular training?

"We're saying we believe there was a racial motivation there."

Sears, 33, was part of the class that began at the academy in July 2008. The group included the most minorities in the FDNY's history, with more than one-third of the 297 members either black, Hispanic, Asian or female. NOT a single other recruit, minority or otherwise suffered a heart attack as Mr. Sears did.

A few days after Ms. Sears announced her lawsuit, the NYC Medical Examiner released a report that showed that probationary firefighter Jamel Sears was afflicted with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

The ailment, discovered during an autopsy, caused by plaque buildup in the arteries, can cause heart attacks and sudden death, according to the American Heart Association.

The autopsy indicated the disease was a contributing factor in the 33-year-old probationary firefighter's shocking death.

Barack Obama is elected president, primarily because so many white Americans voted for him and we’ve apparently entered a “post-racial America”...but apparently some folks can’t help themselves...they’re willing, for the shilling to stoke ethnic hatreds, so long as it makes them a buck.

Right Ken Thompson? Right Reverend Al???


machinepolitick said...

This is a perfect example of why we are in such a mess in this country. People won't accept that accidents happen or that they could be responsible for their own fate. It's soooo much easier, and more lucrative to play the victim.
Unfortunately, this behavior adds to racial tensions and ends up harming the people who perceive themselves as victims. It would be nice if we could judge each other on our merits rather than skin color or what we can get from someone based on our own ethnicity. We're all Americans and we're all humans. It would be nice if we could act as such.

JMK said...

That's one of the inane wrong-turns the civil rights, or "anti-racist" movement took MP - it went FROM the correct view that "ALL humans/ALL groups harbor some innate xenophobia and are prone to such tribal divisions, so we've got to move past looking/counting by race," TO the pro-racist view of "We NEED to count by race."

The elevation of victimology is an outgrowth of the latter.

That movement is one of the most pernicious ones around.

conservative brother said...

These idiots don't even know how their government functions. Most of the people that are "outraged" of this cartoon don't even know who NANCY PELOSI is? Regardless of race, the real chimps in this story are the oversensitive crybabies in this country.

JMK said...

"Most of the people that are "outraged" of this cartoon don't even know who NANCY PELOSI is? Regardless of race, the real chimps in this story are the oversensitive crybabies in this country." (Tyrone)
This is actually GOOD stuff for Conservatives!

Just as the Libertarian Party has become marginalized by its KOOK-wing (the pornographers for free speech, the drug legalization crowd and the PONY girls - women who want prostitution legalized), the worst and most extreme elements within the Democratic Party are now emboldened.

Right about now, there is a HUGE segment of that 60% of Americans who are apolitical and "moderate" asking themselves, "What the f*ck did we just do?!

To them I say, "No WAIT! There's MORE...lots MORE!...AND you're gonna hate it!"

2010 is looking like a make or break year for team Obama.

Roadhouse said...

This article dovetails pretty well with my latest. I went to see Juan Williams speak at a local college, and his lecture mirrored the sentiments in your post.

JMK said...

"This article dovetails pretty well with my latest. I went to see Juan Williams speak at a local college, and his lecture mirrored the sentiments in your post." (Roady)
Juan Williams is a man of honor and integrity....and that was a reat posting on your blog.

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