Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey! How Did Swaziland’s Women Get the Vote BEFORE Switzerland’s Chicks?...

Ever notice that Liberals love to bash everything that’s wrong with America?

They like to claim, “Only a friend would tell you that your face is dirty,” but friends also have more positive things to say than negatives, so friends the Leftists aren’t.

At any rate, one popular canard is that, “It took until 1920 for American women to get the right to vote.”

And that’s left out there, as though America was behind the rest of the world in terms of women’s suffrage, when NOTHING could be further from the truth.

In fact, the USA was the first nation to allow women to stand for election, way back in 1788. Long prior to 1920, many of America’s Western territories had already had women’s voting rights on their books.

But what’s amazing is the number of nations BEHIND the U.S. in terms of women’s suffrage! For instance, Sweden granted full suffrage to women a year AFTER America did. France (1944), Italy (1945), Japan (1945) and Belgium (1948) all gave women the right to vote around a quarter century AFTER America did.

But perhaps most amazing of all is that Switzerland only gave women the right to vote in 1971, Portugal bestowed full voting rights in 1976 and tiny, but prosperous Liechtenstein took until in 1984!

Imagine that! The women in places like Zimbabwe (1957), Nigeria (1958), the Congo (1963), Uganda (1962) and Swaziland (1968) all got to vote BEFORE the good women of Switzerland did and the women of Iraq (1980), Angola (1975) and Bangladesh (1972) all got to vote well BEFORE the women of prosperous Liechtenstein! Go figure.

Tell a Liberal and pass it on.


Roadhouse said...

Proving once again that I never know what you're going to write about.

On an unrelated topic, I'm currently debating a socialist on my latest article. I thought you might want to get in on the fun.

Z said...

Ya, and I adored watching Iraq have a more peaceful and more LEGAL and FAIR election than OURS, huh?

We had ACORN.....Where was their COCOANUT group stealing votes?

My favorite thing is when the left says ACORN was NOT committing voter fraud, it was voter registration fraud...I guess that's okay in their book.!!!

Thanks for your great input at geeeeZ....really appreciate your information

Seane-Anna said...

The Swazi babes got the vote before the Swiss frauen?! Wow! And here's something else for the liberals: Utah was one of those Western territories that allowed women to vote. Guess the libs have to lay off the Mormons now.

Z said...

JMK..I wish we could continue on that Jefferson piece..
I'd like to know what happened to you at 8.
Nothing could prove that He doesn't 'save'......
but, this isn't the place..I know.

great conversation there. Tonight, Sue's blog is 'removed'..I hope that's just a mistake!

JMK said...

"Nothing could prove that He doesn't 'save'......
but, this isn't the place..I know."
< Z, you can email me any time.

My email address is in my full profile.

Sue's OK.

Like a lot of Americans, she's bought into this inanity that "we are better people" today.

We're NOT.

In fact, America's Founders were more advanced in their thinking than most of those today, including ALL American Leftists, as they were ahead of their time in protecting individual Liberty and reviling "Collective" or "group rights."

JMK said...

Roady, I've seen that, and I have to get some time to get in on that.

Christian left a few thousand word post that really didn't say all that much.

The lauding of folks like Noam Chomsky is pretty sad....shows you what influences are predominant on College campuses today.

JMK said...

100% RIGHT Seane-Anna!

A lot of the Western territories were ahead of the rest of the nation on that issue.

Something that is NEVER mentioned on the Left is that America was one of the first democracies to allow women to run for office - 1788!

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