Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is "Tax Fairness" Part of the Liberal Agenda?....Apparently not...

Financial analysts have computed the cost of living in New York City (and by extension and to varying degrees, other major urban areas around the U.S. – LA, Chicago, Miami, etc.) and it’s pretty hefty.

For an individual to live “a middle-class lifestyle” in New York City, takes $123,000/year, compared to $50,000/year in Houston! A $60,000/year income in New York is equivalent to a $26,092/year income in Atlanta!

You’d think (IF they were actually concerned with fiscal or “tax fairness) that Liberals would seek to remedy this innate disadvantage such locales have...but “tax fairness”/“economic justice” is really NOT the concern of Liberals at all.

Still, you’d think at a modicum, the people in NYC would have their tax RATES adjusted to a national average...since it requires $123,000/year in New York city to live at the same standard of living that $50,000/year gets you in Houston, then the people in New York City earning $123,000/year should probably pay the same tax RATE as the guy earning $50,000/year in Houston and those earning $60,000/year should be taxed at the 26,000/year rate that it's equivalent to elsewhere.

But AGAIN, the Liberal agenda does NOT include “tax fairness.”

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