Friday, February 27, 2009

The Daily-Kos (of course) Blindly Runs With the Vile Gibson/FoxNews Smear....

Here's how the KosKids treated the smear...they blidly ran with it. No vetting at all from the folks who brought you the "Sarah Palin is really Trig's grandmother" smear.

Then, when it was shown to be a hoax smear, the Kos Kid writes an inane and belated "disclaimer", designed, apparently to shield the author from legal action.

FOX News/John Gibson Suggests Eric Holder is a Monkey (Really!)

by David J
Thu Feb 19, 2009 at 04:33:39 PM PST

Well, here we go. Apparently we're going to need federal legislation to prohibit conservatives from even discussing monkeys, using the word "monkey" or any such thing because for the 2nd day in a row we have a conservative, this times the horrible John Gibson of FOX News, putting his foot into his mouth and down his throat with a comment suggesting that a notable African American is a monkey.

Don't believe me? Watch the following clip
(EDITED version of YouTube Clip SHOWN BELOW)

Essentially, here's what happens. The anchor/reporter are talking about a monkey that has escaped from a zoo in Seattle. The anchor then shows viewers her desktop "screensaver" (actually desktop background) that has a monkey, which, when angry, has a "bright blue scrotum." (Attention, "bright blue scrotum," please pick up the white courtesy phone marked "next internet meme.") She says "bright blue scrotum" a bunch of times, and this is funny.

She then throws it to John Gibson, who says, and this is a quote, "
We were talking about Eric Holder today on the radio, and his bright blue scrotum."


Please tell me there's an alternate explanation that my overly sensitive liberal brain is not grasping. Please.

As of the other day, the following Update was added, though the inane and vile smear was left up;

UPDATE: Since this diary was originally published, it's come out that the video clip I linked to below was a hoax, and that John Gibson did not make the comments suggested in the clip. So, John, I owe you an apology. I still don't really like you, or your network, but you didn't make the comments as they were portrayed.


Bug said...

Isn't that infuriating? I've stood up and said "that is wrong" before only to find out the issue at hand was a lie. It's more than dishonest for people to publish these types of things as if they are truth... it's their way of starting a war or prolonging a war just for the sake of pointing and laughing at others to say "look what he said" and "gee... look at the people who believe my lie".

I'm glad you came back and posted an update. :)

JMK said...

Actually Bug, that update was part of the D-Kos piece...none of that was mine.

I just reposted that Kos piece because of its eagerness to not only run with a false smear, but to keep that piece up, with an idiotic rejoinder that attempts to rationalize that hit piece.

All involved tried to go after Gibson's job and he should sue for defamation, in my view.

Bug said...

Ah... I misunderstood the post then... but I have had that happen to me. Actually, it only happened once and after that mistake I wait a day or so to let the dust settle before I add my $.02 on most subjects.

The Daily Kossssssss is run by a bunch of idiots who only have one agenda and that is to destroy anyone who does not think like them. What's really irritating is when when the media uses their blog posts as real news sources... remember when they posted the smear about Palin and all of a sudden it was real and honest truth (as opposed to the fake and dishonest truth we saw from the media during the last election).


JMK said...

My error Bug, as I didn't adequately make that clear the story was a Kos pice.

As far as the MSM usuing the D-Kos and Media Matters and othe rsmear sites, yes, that's the real tragedy in all this.

The news mainstream news media isn't peopled by journalists now-a-days, it's peopled mostly by idealogues, who find it convenient to have "sources" (however flawed and eminently impeachable) to lay off their own views upon, so they don't have to take direct credit for tham and the blame for blatant editorializing within the news.

Seane-Anna said...

Kill the Kossacks!!!!

And as for the MSM, I found out this morning that my local paper is raising the price of it's daily issue from 50 cents to $1. Wow! That'll add more readers (not!).

Attorneymom said...

Hey JMK. I miss you on CC. I dedicated my latest post to you and Conservative Black Woman. Enjoy.

janice_phil said...

great post!!!! superb..i learned a lot!!!!

JMK said...

"Kill the Kossacks!!!!

"And as for the MSM, I found out this morning that my local paper is raising the price of it's daily issue from 50 cents to $1. Wow! That'll add more readers (not!)." (Seane-Anna)

I guess newspapers have taken to the "government view of dealing with shortfalls." While most privately owned businesses have to deliver a better produict at a cheaper price, ESPECIALLY when times get tough, the government, like the Post Office has always responded to hard times with raising the cost of the service, while delivering LESS.

Maybe the newspapers figure, "If it works for the PO, it'll work for us."

Sadly for the newspapers, they don't have a government-protected monopoly on the news.

They're competing with many newer, cheaper and more readilly available news sources.

As for the Kossacks, they're the worst.

JMK said...

I'll definitelky chaeck it out AM!

And Janice, THANKS a lot!

I've been away at training the past week, out in Colorado, but I'm back now and will be online more regularly now.

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