Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Some Questions...

Why Was New York Community Bancorp Approved for Rescue Cash?

Henry Paulson recently cleared New York Bancorp (NY’s 4th largest bank) to receive $596 in federal rescue cash.

NY Bancorp turned down the offer, as it would’ve had to sell $596 Million in shares in the bank (a more than 10% stake) to the feds. The bank, with assets totaling over $32 BILLION responded that it was healthy, untainted by junk assets and “well capitalized” WITHOUT the Treasury aid!

So WHY were they cleared to receive the $596 MILLION in “RESCUE AID” to begin with???

How is Anne Coulter Worse Than Al Franken?

I mean, Coulter's both FUNNIER and SMARTER (a LOT smarter) than Al Franken, so what’s the difference between Anne Coulter and Al Franken?

I mean aside from the obvious - that Anne Coulter’s skewering observations are often witty and more often than not, actually funny, two things Al Franken never is - seriously, what is the difference between these two commentators?

OK, I’ll also add that Anne Coulter’s statistics are always right on the money and her arguments mostly unassailable. Her weak point is that her delivery is often bludgeoning and without nuance, but Al Franken is every bit as “mean-spirited” and as lacking in nuance. In fact, the only difference I can see between the two is that Franken is a little fatter (OK, a LOT fatter), reliably UNABLE to back up his assertions with any stats or facts and he’s about 50 or so IQ points shy of Coulter...but that’s about it!

So, why is Franken a media darling, while Coulter is seen as some kind of pariah?

Oh yeah, it is the mainstream media, we’re talking about – most of them are Franken’s who rarely smile.

Why Are Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Ed Curry Printed Without Any Indication That There’s Proof Behind Them?

(Sports Alert) But really, this sports observation goes to major problem in our society.

Turns out that NY Knicks Center, Ed Curry has been accused by Limo driver David Kuchinsky of (1) sexual harassment, Kuchinsky claims the married father of two (Curry) made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances and (2) verbal abuse, including a host of racial slurs, as David Kuchinssky claims that Curry, who’d hired him full time as a driver, often referred to him as a “f*cking Jew, “cracker” and “white slave.”

David Kuchinsky is seeking $98,000 and compensatory damages.

I hope, for Mr. Kuchinsky’s sake that he has some actual evidence (like tapes or something along those lines) and that’s he’s not expecting a jury to simply believe that Ed Curry is the “bad guy” simply because he’s a “rich basketball player.” After all, Curry had, as one teammate put it, “taken a chance on Kuchinsky,” by overlooking his previous 3 year prison sentence for a 1992 burglary and a three year probation stint over a 2004 resisting arrest conviction, to hire David Kuchinsky and put him up in his home.

You read charges like that now-a-days and you really don’t know what to believe, and that’s really unfair to the public figures invariably involved. Without proof (tapes, or something like that) I don’t know how a jury could find in favor of the plaintiff.

Why are charges like this "frontpage news" and when/if those charges prove false, that's deemed "section D, Page 34 news?"

How Much is a Kidney Donation Worth in New York?

And finally, there’s the case of the “kidney Divorce,” here in New York.

Richard Batista, a vascular surgeon at Nassau University Medical Center, claims his wife left him after having an affair with her physical therapist.

He’d given her one of his kidneys in 2001 and now wants it back...OK, NOT the kidney, but the $1.5 million, which he claims is the value of the transplant.

For her part, Dawnell Batista (the wife) calls her husband, insanely jealous and "hyper-suspicious," her attorney, Douglas Rothkopf claiming "He was rummaging through her underwear drawer and sniffing the underwear" to see if she had cheated.

Will that kidney become part of the “Marital assets” thus greatly benefitting Dr. Batista in that divorce? And if so, how will a court determine an actual value for that kidney.

Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure you could get the Chinese to cut one out of one of their many prisoners, bag it in ice and express ship it for about $800. I mean, I COULD be wrong about that, but I hear that’s the current black-market rate.


WomanHonorThyself said...

quite a few issues to ponder my friend...thank God all went well today down at the Hudson!! :)

JMK said...

Yes it did!

Thank God for that pilot (Chesley Sullenburger)...that was a miraculous emergency landing!

Z said...

Hi, JMK. I swear I'm going to start saving your comments at my blog as great arguments for the left!! You are THE MAN! You really nailed the Patriot Act, etc., for Sue. You are SO RIGHT ...and I often don't have the information and boy, you have it!! Thanks so much!

The Anne Coulter thing was covered at my site, did you participate in that?

I just checked and you hadn't commented..I think you'll enjoy reading the comments discussion. Some think Coulter should stay as ascerbic, I say she defeats our cause when she goes overboard. I'd like to hear from you about that!

JMK said...

Hi Z, I didn't see your post on Coulter (yet)...I worked "up & down" (9 am Thursday to 9 am Friday) yesterday. Weird day.

As for the Patriot Act, a LOT of people have apparently been misled.

The PRIMARY thing the Patriot Act did was to break down the wall between our domestic law enforcement (FBI, etc) and our international Intelligence agencies and that was both GREAT and NECESSARY.

IF Jamie Gorelick hadn't buttressed that wall during the Clinton administration, 9/11 may well have been prevented.

As to the NSA surveillance program - AGAIN, the Patriot Act merely expanded what FISA already allowed - since 1979, the government could track WITHOUT WARRANT any calls/emails coming into America FROM "suspect foreign portals."

The Patriot Act merely allowed for the flip side of that coin - allowing the NSA to track calls/emails FROM America TO "susepct foreign portals."

The NSA program DID NOT and DOES NOT track calls between American citizens within the U.S. and ONLY tracks correspondences TO/FROM "suspect foreign portals," that is numbers or IP addresses that have been linked to terror suspects.

Can such laws be abused?

Yes, police ALWAYS look to expand their arsenal of tools to go after bad guys. In TN a local PD sought to charge a meth lab crew with "making WMDs" as phosgene gas (a gas used in WW I as a chemical weapon) is a byproduct of some meth processes.

That was shot down in a local court.

Ironically enough, the Left are the ones with a penchant for going after "political targets." They cheered Ruby Ridge," where decorated former Green Beret, Randy Weaver, lost his wife and 12 y/o son in a botched FBI/BATF raid and they cheered Reno's targeting David Koresh at Waco.

IF Liberals try and use these anti-terror statutes against Americans (militias and anti-government activists) they'll need to be chacked and reined in....and wherever posible smeared as the fascists such people are.

The Patriot Act is a GREAT and NECESSARY tool against international terrorism, it's NOT appropriate for use against Americans...and I say that, despising the fringe, anti-American Left - the "Moore-Gore-Franken-Olbermann Axis."

While I believe that such people are guilty of sedition and SHOULD be charged and "brought to justice" for their anti-Americanism, I'd still accord them all the Constitutional Rights ANY U.S. citizen is entitled to.

Foreign jihadists have none of those rights.

Roadhouse said...

I love Anne's books, but I always need to have a dictionary at arms length to read them. She tends to use words that I have never even heard before. The up-shot is that I expand my vocabulary while I learn a rarely expressed historical perspective on issues.

JMK said...

You know Roady, I haven't read her books (yet), though I have read a lot of her commentary pieces.

Her substance is compelling, though it's unfortunate that she puts a confrontational style ahead of her Conservative message.

But the MSM is being disingenuous over her style, since Keith Olbermann, Al Franken and even Chris Matthews are even more mean-spirited and combative than she is.

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