Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never Mind...

That’s what Caroline Kennedy has pretty much said about her recent bid for Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate seat.

And that’s probably a good thing too, given her public speaking woes and her even bigger public policy lapses evidenced in even the softest of interviews.

To date, she's spent her entire life avoiding politics, while serving on various charitable and non-profit boards - she should probably stay that course. It’s a good and noble one, devoid of the slime of politics.

Her few forays with the media have proven that not only is public speaking NOT her strength (she not only made G W Bush look positively Shakespearean, she’s even made some rappers look eloquent by comparison), but, worse yet, she apparently hasn't even thought much about many if any of the major issues a Senator would be dealing with.

Into the breach, have stepped forward some real strange and some scary names, the most disgusting being former UFT head Randi Weingarten, then there's Carolyn Maloney and even Fran Drescher.


Z said...

Did you hear that she also had illegal nanny AND tax problems that would have been a problem had she carried thru with this bid for the senate? (as it is, they will probably be TOTALLY forgotten, a la Geithner!)
Suddenly, of COURSE, the Gov's saying "she wasn't even on the short list". Who do these people feel they're fooling?
I knew something was up when her first reason was Uncle if he JUST got diagnosed, poor man.

I think Caroline figured she'd have the quick and easy yellow brick road to the Senate due to her family........and I'm stunned she didn't, considering the media's SO in the leftist bag, but I'm thinking that after their treatment of her and her lack of speech ability that you mentioned, she didn't want to bring Camelot down. Not to be the only Kennedy who wasn't revered, you know?
Sad, kind of.

FRAN DRESCHER. Al Franken, ..imagine? Oh, BROTHER!!

You have such good thinking and writing skills, JMK....I'm very glad you're blogging! I particularly like that you're conservative but not such an ideologue that you lose all objectivity (LIKE ME!! LOL!) and thanks, always, for coming to my site and adding so much there!

JMK said...

I was VERY pleasantly to find (on the way into work yesterday) that Kirsten Gillibrand (Jill-i-brand) is the new Jr. Senator from NY...a bona fide Blue Dog Democrat with a high NRA rating, no less!

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