Saturday, January 24, 2009

It’s Kirsten Gillibrand!

On my way into work yesterday (Saturday) I heard that NY Governor David Paterson had filled Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat with...little known Kirsten Gillibrand (pictured above) of upstate Columbia County.

Charles Schumer had to be smiling.

Senator Schumer had to be tired of being in the shadow of Junior Senator, Hillary Clinton, the past eight years, so it was widely speculated that he wanted no part of Caroline Kennedy, nor Any Cuomo at all.

Kirsten Gillibrand fits the bill on so many levels.

She’s an upstater, a woman and she’s a bona fide Blue Dog Democrat with a high NRA rating!

In fact, she’d interned with former Senator and current lobbyist, Al D’Amato!

Better still for “Zell Miller Democrats,” like myself, is the fact that Liberals are apoplectic over the Gillibrand pick.

Suddenly, their not knowing where Kirsten stands on the issues MATTERS, even though Caroline couldn’t even articulate the issues, let alone where she stood on ANY of them!

Funny stuff.

Carolyn McCarthy, the LIRR widow, who now serves as a Long Island Congresswoman, has vowed to challenge her, in the next possible Primary.

Apparently Carolyn McCarthy is blithely unaware that Pete King would thrash her in a race for that seat.

When Liberals complain so openly and bitterly, you KNOW it’s a good choice!

Charles Schumer recruited numerous Blue Dogs for various Senate races in Red States (Webb, Tester, etc.) back in 2006. Now he may have helped engineer one for New York.

So far, I like it very, VERY much!


Nicholas Stix said...

The widow McCarthy is one of those people who responded to the loss or wounding of a loved one--in her case, both--by a criminal using an illegal weapon, by fanatically seeking to confiscate all legally-owned guns. The combination of her fanaticism; the moral license granted her by the media, due to her loss and her politics; and the power of the anti-Second Amendment lobby; make her a very dangerous woman. If she runs as a Democrat, I think Gillibrand can beat her in a very close, bitterly contested primary race, but if McCarthy loses the primary and runs as an independent in the general election, she might be even more dangerous, since Gillibrand and King would be splitting the same vote, while all the Rockefeller Republicans, socialists, communists, etc. would vote for McCarthy. It would be like 1950, when heavyweight Oscar contenders Bette Davis (All About Eve) and Gloria Swanson (Sunset Boulevard) knocked each other off, and the relative lightweight, Judy Holliday (Born Yesterday) won.

JMK said...

It's really not at all surprising that Carolyn McCarthy, a typical deluded northeast liberal, takes the exact wrong message from the LIRR massacre - easy access to handguns is the problem.

Colin Ferguson didn't represent an "easy-access-to-gun" problem, he represented (1) an illegal alien problem and/or (2) a "mental defectives not being institutionalized" problem.

IF there'd been another armed passenger on that LIRR train, odds are that the cowardly Colin (he cried and begged for his life when rushed and overtaken by passengers, as he tried to reload) would've been fragged and dispatched early on.

Not surprisingly, Suzanna Hupp, of Kileen, TX., who lost both her parents in the Luby's Luncheonette massacre took exactly the right message from a similar atrocity and spent her energies fighting FOR right to carry concealed weapons in the TX legislature.

The problem with NYS is that the NYC population (aside from Staten ISland and parts of Queens) are far more Liberal than the rest of the state, but liberals in NYC so outnumber their opposition, that they swamp those predominatly Conservative Upstate and Long Island communities.

Gun control is foolish for a host of reasons. One is that guns are so relatively easy to MAKE that they can never be really eradicated. Another is that homemade explosives and even rudimentary chemical weapons are even easier to make - in fact, you could argue that access to handguns has kept those intent on mayhem from using more indiscriminate kinds of weapons, like rudimentary IEDs.

Liberty is self-ownership and self-ownership comes with the responssibility to protect yourself and what's yours.

In a truly free society, there are going to be some people intent on mayhem, intent on taking what they need, not earning, when we abdicate that responsibility (to government/police) we abdicate that self-ownership and embrace a sort of universal slavery to the government.

Truly free people embrace their responsibilities and are enthusiastic about protecting themselves, their families and their property.

Carolyn McCarthy is exhbit-A in liberal hypocrisy, a homemaker with NO/ZERO political experience who was lauded by the Left from the first day she ran for office, by the same sort of people who derided a sitting Governor (Palin) for her "lack of experience").

I guess it's not surprising that people so impaired in their personal judgments would embrace so many idiotic causes (ie. gun control).

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