Saturday, January 17, 2009

How The Madoff Case Demonstrates the Efficacy of Capital Punishment...

No, Bernie Madoff’s scam doesn’t warrant the death penalty, though it DOES, in my view, merit life WITHOUT parole, and that, as much as anything else, highlights why Capital Punishment is NEEDED for other, more heinous crimes.

Bernie Madoff and his associates in that Ponzi scheme maliciously and deliberately destroyed the lives of their investors.

Many people lost their entire life’s savings and many charities may have to shut their doors in response to those losses, so it’s understandable that those duped WOULD like to see Bernie get the chair.

I AGREE that this was a singularly dastardly financial crime, and Madoff richly deserves to have his life ruined, his Liberty confiscated, in return for ruining so many other lives.

There are a number of crimes, in my view that warrant Life WITHOUT Parole. Those include serious scams, like Madoff’s, counterfeiting currency, as it undermines the entire monetary system and impersonating a police officer or emergency service worker, as those who do that, are undoubtedly doing that to apply an illegal and baseless authority over their fellow citizens. Home invaders, kidnappers, rapists and others are the kinds of thugs most likely to impersonate peace officers.

So, if all those serious crimes warrant Life WITHOUT Parole, then what punishment do even more serious crimes require?

Capital Punishment, the “ultimate punishment,” of course!

What crimes warrant Capital Punishment?

Well, various forms of murder – murder of a police officer, multiple murders (serial or mass murders), murder with torture, etc. without question, and despite the Supreme Court’s recent faux pas, repeat child rape warrants the death penalty, along with treason during wartime.

In my view, ALL of those Capital crimes should come with a statute that offers NO LATITUDE for the presiding judge.

Think about it, IF counterfeiting, massive fiscal scams and impersonating a peace officer/emergency worker warrant Life WITHOUT Parole (and they DO), it seems wrong to then seek to punish far more heinous acts with a punishment suitable to such a lesser crime.

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